Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wish List : Versace

Its already September and before you know it, Christmas is upon us which also means the shopping season is well on its way too!  AND since I love Christmas shopping and giving as much as I enjoy receiving beautiful gifts, I got tempted to start my own wish list so my friends and family *AHEM* can get an idea of what to buy for me!

Well, in an ideal world, I would get my wish list right?  AH! BUT then again, who knows, these pretties just might land on my doorstep come Christmas morning!


Whats on your wish list? Have you started on yours? Lets share notes! Teehee


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Host Post : Happy 3rd Anniversary ADORA!

Honored to be invited back by ADORA's Ma'am MTP and Sir ETP a second time!
Reading through and getting the details right! :P
LIKE this look HERE <3


The ADORA SHINDIG, an event that was booked 4 months in advance, was done one Tuesday afternoon (August 16, 2011) and what a celebration it was!  

At 8AM (and with an overwhelmed me), The Gallery at Greenbelt 5 was already wide awake with excitement as the Adora Family readied themselves for their Cheer & Dance Competition segment.  With a total of 6 teams, we had: WEED (Adora-Balls), AMETHYST (Adora-Belles), NOBLE GOLD (Jurassic Sparks), COBALT (Charge to Recipients), ALUMINUM (Charles' Angels) and BLOOD (Dominatrix) vying for the the ultimate winner to be announced by the end of the event. 

Plus, there was the much awaited awarding ceremony which recognized the hardworking men and women that make Adora.  While some may not think much of getting praised for their work, its always a nice feeling to know that the company that you work for appreciates you nonetheless. 

Also, a day before the shindig, Adora had its first ever Amazing Race which kicked off in Adora Pasig Office to the Stella Luna store in Shangri-La Mall and ended at Adora Greenbelt 5.  The race was wicked cool with cameras following the different teams and with challenges that got tensed and nerved with excitement.

I have to say though, I especially enjoyed checking out the DIY outfits of the Adora staff which were just too adorable.  It always amazes me what a pair of scissors, safety pins, ribbon and the magical double sided tape can do to one plain shirt.  

Having hosted an event with them last year, it was heartwarming to hear that they were hoping to have me host another event for them.  Many thanks to Ma'am MTP, Sir ETP, Ma'am TYB, Ma'am RRT and to the ADORA Family for their energy and cheers. 

Hugs and kisses to my Mami Tisha Rosales and Ken and Ms. Pia and Tito Joff for another very successful event!  I mean, who says work and play can't come together right?

So excited for the next one!  Dare I say, Adora's 4th Anniversary? 


P.S. I found time for an Outfit Post all thanks to KEN! YAY  Plus, I finally got to wear my JC's and was carrying my MK Bucket Bag

Sheer Top  :  WHITE CALF
Scalloped Waist Shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Bucket Bag  :  MICHAEL KORS
Earrings  :  TOPSHOP
Gold Bangle  :  TOPSHOP
Gold Watch  :  CASIO

This was breakfast!  Thanks to my sister BEYA and her bff IYA

The stage that held some energetic performances! 
A lit up stage?!? MUST HAVE at a party, right?

ADORA Family!

Goofing around with KEN

KEN and Tito JOFF

Backstage, sidestage... Same same!

I feel like I'm glowing!

My JC's are just magical! No pain, All gain!

Photo-op with Sir ETP

Zoning out and zooming in

I'm bringing sexy back... Well a little! HA

My "Attack Ken" Face!

I was being attacked by a spot! :((

Had to take a solo pic with THE Sir ETP! His speech/performance was awesome

On the Job

And that's a wrap!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

You're A Winner! Finally, the NIVEA + MANGO Outfit Poll Chosen Entry

First off, a big thank you to everyone who took time and voted via the NIVEA + MANGO Outfit Poll last August 8!  Nivea and Mango enjoyed reading your votes and while we had hoped that a winner could be announced over the weekend after the event but seems they had a hard time picking one out!

BUT finally, they have declared a lucky winner who gets to bring home some awesome goodies courtesy of Nivea!  Took the liberty of taking a screencap of our winner's entry and here it is!


Congratulations JAS!  Thanks for your styling insights too and I'm quite addicted to the lace trend too so luckily that look won the poll!  I'll be corresponding with you via email so I can send your goodie bag by next week!  Enjoy those skin treats!

Til' the next one!


P.S.  Time to check out NIVEA's Glamboard Express Facebook Application! :D

Monday, August 22, 2011

Must Watch : Ateneo BlueRepertory's LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

For some time now, with everything else happening, seems I've forgotten the thrill of performing.  Didn't realize just how much I missed it until last Friday, right after watching Ateneo Blue Repertory's Little Shop of Horrors.  Directed by my happy good friend, Toff De Venecia (Director of blueRep's All Shook Up and Freakshow), Little Shop of Horrors is Blue Rep's 20th season premier production.

Still reeling from the thrill of the show experience, I'm inviting everyone (note that its more like, highly encouraging everyone!)to catch the show which runs only until this weekend!!! (August 27 to be exact!)  Don't be shy and contact Mica Fajardo at +63 917 890 8795 for ticket inquires and reservations!  Might I suggest doing that now? :D

AND, to know more about the production, cast and crew, visit their FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/bluereplsoh

Took the liberty of copying an excerpt from their page!
In the old days, it was all about selling your soul to the devil for fame and fortune. But ever heard of selling it to an evil, man-eating Venus Flytrap from outer space?
With all the pressures in a fast-paced world obsessed with money and beauty, it isn’t hard to imagine that anyone would do absolutely anything to fulfill their dreams – whether through hard work or Faustian deals. But with the allure of earning fast bucks and becoming overnight sensations, shady businesses have become a lot more common.
Even the honest-to-goodness nice guys aren’t immune to this kind of temptation, and Seymour Krelborn is one of them. He is the protagonist of Little Shop of Horrors, a black comedy musical satirizing old-school sci-fi movies and one of the longest running Off-Broadway shows of all time.With book and lyrics by Howard Ashman and music by Alan Menken, Little Shop of Horrors is the story of a miserable fellow named Seymour Krelborn, played by Luis Marcelo (Buddy in blueREP’s Freakshow), and his yearning for a better life and a chance at romance with Audrey, the love of his life, played by Maronne Cruz (Woman 2 in blueREP’s Edges, Scaramouche in blueREP’s Rock ‘N Rule). However, after being influenced by a devious plant, brought to life by Tina Ramos (Dionne in blueREP’s Hair, Woman 2 in blueREP’s Edges, Killer Queen in blueREP’s Rock ‘N Rule), Seymour must now choose between what is right and wrong, all for the sake of a little fame, money and glory.
CHEERS to Blue Rep!  Love it!

P.S.  As a BlueRep Alumni, I was just so very proud of how far my college org has gone and just how much passion the stage has that's there for everybody to soak in!  Makes me think if I could ever get back to doing auditions again...?!?  AAAH!  Getting jittery at the thought but... who knows, right? Well... lets just see!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

HEAR YE! Score an Invite to PURSE PRIME's Private Bag Spa Session!

Hi friends!

For awhile now, you've probably been able to read about my posts on bag care education and while it might be a fun read, its about time Purse Prime shows you firsthand bag care pampering at its finest.

Purse Prime has set aside 2 coveted invites to our Private Bag Spa Session, happening on August 24, 8pm, where we help you give your bags the pampering they need!  Join us and Manila's top bloggers as we bond over our love for nice bags and good food.

How to score those invites?  All the juicy details are in the ad below!  Read on bag lovers!


While we would have wanted to invite more people, our humble office just might not be able to handle it, thus the little competition which I hope you would all be game to join on in!

From small collections to grand displays, what were looking for is your love for your bags and well, the number of likes on your uploaded photo!  Don't forget to tell your friends to VOTE!

Don't miss out because the bag care goodies we've prepared are just dying to be given away!


Host Post : NIVEA + MANGO Glam Express

The Outfit's Big Reveal!  And I feel golden too! Photo grabbed (c) earthlingorgeous

Just counting seconds and... GO!   (c) Nivea Phils. FB

Disclaimer  :  The winner for the Outfit Poll launched last week will be announced in the next post... FINALLY!!! Exciting treats for our lucky voter!  

Just last Thursday was NIVEA + MANGO's Glam Express.  Finally, it was the launch of the NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion and their Glamboard Express Facebook Application, which is a joint partnership with Mango.

At the event, I got to try on the lotion and with my sponsored Mango Outfit (especially chosen via the Outfit Poll, a big thanks to you guys!), I felt like a walking tester for the bloggers at the event.  Needless to say, I went home that night with uber smooth, hydrated skin!  I'm not one to complain since I get so very addicted to lotion (my friends and family can attest to that!) and I guess, the Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion is a treat cause the lotion isn't sticky and you only need about 30seconds for it to dry on your skin.  Super like right?

NIVEA's Ms. Raisa and Ms. Ida gave the guests a good look at the 100 years that has been for the brand.  I especially enjoyed the Nivea AVP with their vintage commercials!  Learned a thing or 2 too from the Hydra IQ clip which had me google "aquaporins" when I got online!  Curious?  Learn more from NIVEA's Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/NIVEAPhilippines

Had a blast at the event and got an awful lot of tips and inspiration from chatting with the top fashion and beauty bloggers at the event.  Made me realize how awfully far I was from becoming a blogger but they were nice enough to stress that what was important was to not stop blogging!  Yes, lets try doing that, eh? :D  Special shout out to Ms. Roanne of All The Vanity and Ms. Earth of Earthlingorgeous

On top of all that, my thanks to NIVEA, MANGO and Yehey! Digital for trusting me with the event!  I genuinely enjoyed the night and I hope everyone did too!

CHEERS to expressing your style and flaunting your smooth, hydrated skin! 

And got more blogging inspiration from my friends, JEFF and MICHELLE!  Oh the new things I discover about friends - old and new!  Blog sites as follows:

Special hello to VINVIN who I missed a hello to at the event but tagged me a photo!  Get to know Vinvin at http://www.vinvinjacla.com/
Getting to know the NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion in brief!

Just an hour before the event kicked off and yes, right smack in MANGO, Rockwell  (c) Nivea Phils. FB

Goodies  (c) Nivea Phils. FB

Checking out the Glamboard Express Facebook Application  (c)  Nivea Phils. FB

(c) Nivea Phils FB

Cant miss out on the photo wall of course!

Top Bloggers!!! WOW moment for yours truly!  Ms. Roanne and Ms. Earth, pleasure to meet you both!  (c) Nivea Phils

Pretty book!

One more before the "show"  (c) Nivea Phils FB

READY!  (c) Nivea Phils FB

Ms. IDA of NIVEA on NIVEA and Beiersdorf  (c) Nivea Phils FB

Ms. RAISA of NIVEA on Nivea Express Hydration and Hydra IQ  (c) Nivea Phils FB

Total concentration... Must be the aquaporins segment hahah  (c) Nivea Phils FB

Ms. KAREN, Country Manager of MANGO on Mango's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection  (c) Nivea Phils FB

Mr. JAY of Team Yehey! Digital on the Glamboard Express Facebook Application!  Easy Breezy  (c)  Nivea Phils FB

Winner of the Styling Challenge that went on before the program! Great job ladies!  (c) Nivea Phils FB

My next favorite segment... FOOD!  (c) Nivea Phils FB

With the gang!  Mostly from Yehey! Digital and MIKKI from Nivea!


The NIVEA Team

Text buddies JOEY and RJ


Goofing around with JEFF teehee

Goodies and treats for all!  Watch out for the next post as we reveal the Outfit Poll's Lucky Winner!
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