Thursday, August 18, 2011

HEAR YE! Score an Invite to PURSE PRIME's Private Bag Spa Session!

Hi friends!

For awhile now, you've probably been able to read about my posts on bag care education and while it might be a fun read, its about time Purse Prime shows you firsthand bag care pampering at its finest.

Purse Prime has set aside 2 coveted invites to our Private Bag Spa Session, happening on August 24, 8pm, where we help you give your bags the pampering they need!  Join us and Manila's top bloggers as we bond over our love for nice bags and good food.

How to score those invites?  All the juicy details are in the ad below!  Read on bag lovers!


While we would have wanted to invite more people, our humble office just might not be able to handle it, thus the little competition which I hope you would all be game to join on in!

From small collections to grand displays, what were looking for is your love for your bags and well, the number of likes on your uploaded photo!  Don't forget to tell your friends to VOTE!

Don't miss out because the bag care goodies we've prepared are just dying to be given away!


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