Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Online of course.

Finally, my best kept secret is out and I couldn't be happier.  After months of developing a design and finally being very satisfied with the end product, it is with a big cheery smile that I would like everyone to meet my dream project, WHITE CALF.  

White Calf is for vibrant individuals who desire unique pieces that reflect their personal freshness and lifestyle.

White Calf strives on individuality via limited pieces per collection. Every White Calf product is distinct and focuses on bringing the latest trends to the self-confessed fashionista. 

The White Calf design team strives to deliver fashion forward collections mixed with your basics range at affordable prices without ever compromising quality. 

White Calf was established in June 2011.

LIMITED ED. Guaranteed
Every White Calf Collection is produced with only limited pieces and is exclusively designed and distributed only through White Calf. We understand our client's need for individuality and uniqueness, thus, you can be assured that White Calf will give you no less than first class quality and style.

All inquiries are transacted via Facebook or email.  Full product photos and details are uploaded as well.

You can easily contact White Calf through these sites:

We already launched a private opening sale last week and luckily, there's still a few pieces left which I hope can find a good home in your arms and in your closets.

For now, allow to unveil WHITE CALF's  Primera Colección Gemma


 Primera Colección Gemma 
Invest in your it-girl cool with White Calf’s Gemma satchel in Navy Blue, Tan and Moss Green. Worn over the shoulder or carried by the handle this covetable style will stamp every look with urban glamour.

With smooth leather satchel, the Gemma bag has a top handle, a detachable shoulder strap, a fold-over flap front with a brass lock and strap fastenings, and is fully lined with suede.

Bag Dimensions are as follows:
Width 14" / 35.5cm
Height 11" / 28cm
Depth 4" / 11cm
Handle Drop 4" / 11cm
Min. Strap Length 29" / 73cm
Max. Strap Length 51" / 130cm 

Gemma in Moss Green
Gemma in Navy Blue
Gemma in Tan

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lets Talk Books! Welcome to Book Nook!

Okay, so the titles are in French BUT the spread is too pretty and it has all the titles!  Google translate?  

Adding on to the many facets that is me, I'm starting on a totally new segment on my blog.  So friends, Welcome to the Book Nook!

While my blog chronicles mostly fashion articles and events, it feels wrong to not share about my love for books!  Have this one to pin on my mom who pretty much was my reading buddy growing up.  Saturday afternoons then would be spent on my parent's bed - on one end my mom with her novel and on the other end, me with my borrowed book from the library.  (Yes, I actually visited the library back in Grade School quite often and filled up quite a few library cards too teehee)

From young, I was reading Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High (all the series mind you), The Adventures of Tin Tin (can't wait for the movie release!), The Berenstain Bears, The Three Investigators and a whole lot more.  From reading different genres, I'm quite a fan of fantasy fiction, suspense, mystery and adventure, romantic novels (every now and then) and of course, children's books! (I will never tire of reading my favorite Fairy Tales, Disney books and Aesop's Fables)

While books have evolved from hard bounds to e-books, I must say that it feels a world of difference having an actual book in your hand, flipping through the pages, having an actual bookmark and eventually, shelving your favorites on that part of the shelf.

Must be this rainy season that's getting me all excited to curl up and read!  I'm onto a book now and I'll let you in on my thoughts next time.  So what are you guys reading right now?  Maybe later we can even book swap!

Quite excited!


P.S.  Took a trip down memory lane while looking for these book covers / photos online... Makes me miss the library too...

Tin Tin and Friends! 
Snippet from "Tin Tin in Tibet"  (c) madinkbeard.com
Read about the books on this site : www.thehungryreader.com
One of my faves!
I actually have this book on my shelf! Its one of my faves
(c) homeiswheretheheartisest2009.blogspot.com

Blonde, blue-eyed and model-esque! YES! The Wakefield twins and their adventures
(c) outlandinstitute.wordpress.com

So old school! I like  (c) lauradower.com
Envious of this book collection... (c) knitchickenlegs.wordpress.com
Never heard of The Three Investigators??? READ ON  www.threeinvestigatorsbooks.com 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shop Stop : Carnivale De Rainhas! Save The Deets!

Just a friendly reminder for everyone to... SAVE THE DEETS!

What :  CARNIVALE DE RAINHAS Fair and Bazaar
When  :  September 18, 2011  ( 10AM - 10PM), Sunday
Where  :  Rockwell Tent
Who  :  PURSE PRIME's Booth

Swing on by the Purse Prime Booth and get the proper product recommendation for your handbags!  PLUS, watch out for Purse Prime's on the day promo which launches via our Purse Prime Facebook page next week!

So excited to see all our bag care loving friends at the event!  Its definitely going to be one helluva bag party!

Now, don't forget... SAVE THE DEETS!


P.S.  Tickets are at PHP 100/only and you get access to a whole lot of fun for the whole family!  What a treat, right?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stylist Duty + Outfit Post

With my handy dandy wrist cushion made especially for me by my Mom! <3
Was on stylist duty last August 25!  For who, what and the awesome details, that will have to wait until the big reveal.  Here's a peek at the behind-the-shoot (BTS) happenings though and of course, an outfit post! Finally, right?

Thanks to Krisee, Nasia, THE Borge Aloba, Ryan, Denise and Lyca for an awesome day!  Didn't even notice time go by!  Till the next one...


Scalloped Shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Gemma Satchel in Navy Blue  :  WHITE CALF
Peacock Earrings  :  TOPSHOP
Gold Watch  :  CASIO

Like this look HERE

NASIA getting her hair cut by THE Borge Aloba!!! Intense

Snaps for Vintage finds

Look MA! I can iron clothes!

DENISE in demand!

Ala "council meeting" from "The Lord of the Rings", right?

Inching closer to the set... teehee

What we do during break time...

Just when you though you could have too much make up... NOT!!!

eh... philosophizing?!? HA!

Didn't miss out on snapping a pic

Errr... I'm not sure what this is about!!! HA

And were packed and ready to go! Toodles

Monday, September 5, 2011

Purse Prime's Private BAG SPA Session

What a night this was!  First off, I would like to express my thanks to the beautiful people who took time out from their busy schedules for some quality bag care education.  While it was thrilling to set everything up, it would not have been perfect without your presence.  Allow me to do a roll call of thanks with matching virtual hugs and kisses to:

Read about the event and check out the photos on the PURSE PRIME Official Bloghttp://purseprime.blogspot.com


Late Post :  AUGUST 24, 2011

BAG-aholics Unite for BAG CARE!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wish List: Balenciaga Giant Covered Velo

My current bag obsession: Balenciaga Giant Covered Velo

When it comes to bags, I get very particular with the leather, texture and hardware used.  I have a deep admiration for the craftmanship and artistry that is brought into the construction of a bag which is why its not very hard to understand why designer bags are at a premium.

Bags like these are an investment and they come with every cent you paid for: status, quality and an over-all feeling of satisfaction.

Personally, I've always been a fan of Balenciaga and their spot on attention to detail.

Like this bag too? Don't be shy and lets rave about it!


Photos are not owned by me.

Photos were taken from this site:Nathalie Schuterman
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