Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shop Stop (with a TWIST!) : Style Swap

I am absolutely thrilled to kick off this blogging month (and my birthday month as well) with a shop stop post!  Well, with a twist that is!

Actually, this post is coming in kind of late but I hope that you guys can make your way to Union Bank Plaza on November 12 and experience a different kind of "shopping" via a clothes swap concept!  I've heard of clothes swapping events in the US being quite popular and I've always been curious and wanting to be part of one!  So imagine my excitement when Closet Cleaners' Risa, Yana and Jackie invited me to the event! :)  The goal is to save, swap and reduce the fashion footprint in a social fun and fabulous event.  You can swap anything from clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes and accessories. 

Whats more, White Calf, is going to be at the event so come shop at the booth and get the last pieces from the first collection!  AND, from what I've heard, some pretty popular bloggers will be at the event too so that's all the more reason to go right?

Anyways, to learn more about the event mechanics and registration, just visit their official events page :

I'll be sure to bring some pretty nice finds at the event so I hope to see you guys there :)



  1. This is exciting! thanks for sharing.

  2. Of course Sophie :) Will I be seeing you at the event? Cheers!

  3. thanks for the image. its so cute. :) thats a very cute black plain t-shirts. :)


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