Friday, September 9, 2011

Lets Talk Books! Welcome to Book Nook!

Okay, so the titles are in French BUT the spread is too pretty and it has all the titles!  Google translate?  

Adding on to the many facets that is me, I'm starting on a totally new segment on my blog.  So friends, Welcome to the Book Nook!

While my blog chronicles mostly fashion articles and events, it feels wrong to not share about my love for books!  Have this one to pin on my mom who pretty much was my reading buddy growing up.  Saturday afternoons then would be spent on my parent's bed - on one end my mom with her novel and on the other end, me with my borrowed book from the library.  (Yes, I actually visited the library back in Grade School quite often and filled up quite a few library cards too teehee)

From young, I was reading Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High (all the series mind you), The Adventures of Tin Tin (can't wait for the movie release!), The Berenstain Bears, The Three Investigators and a whole lot more.  From reading different genres, I'm quite a fan of fantasy fiction, suspense, mystery and adventure, romantic novels (every now and then) and of course, children's books! (I will never tire of reading my favorite Fairy Tales, Disney books and Aesop's Fables)

While books have evolved from hard bounds to e-books, I must say that it feels a world of difference having an actual book in your hand, flipping through the pages, having an actual bookmark and eventually, shelving your favorites on that part of the shelf.

Must be this rainy season that's getting me all excited to curl up and read!  I'm onto a book now and I'll let you in on my thoughts next time.  So what are you guys reading right now?  Maybe later we can even book swap!

Quite excited!


P.S.  Took a trip down memory lane while looking for these book covers / photos online... Makes me miss the library too...

Tin Tin and Friends! 
Snippet from "Tin Tin in Tibet"  (c)
Read about the books on this site :
One of my faves!
I actually have this book on my shelf! Its one of my faves

Blonde, blue-eyed and model-esque! YES! The Wakefield twins and their adventures

So old school! I like  (c)
Envious of this book collection... (c)
Never heard of The Three Investigators??? READ ON 


  1. Hello there fellow bookworm! Oh my! I've seen a couple of copies of Sweet Valley High on a book sale! That is definitely our childhood! Not to mention The Berenstain Bears! Yay! Excited for your Book Nook section ;)

  2. I'd rather you didn't credit me with the copyright for that tintin image. I just scanned it.

  3. Jackie : Actually I've been checking out book sales to see if its actually feasible to start collecting :) What you reading now?

    Derikb : I see! Done as requested and thanks!


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