Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fashbook: Holiday Look 2011

So sweet!  Caught this just before leaving the office.

Hope you guys can catch the show tonight.


Pre-HOST POST: Pret-A-Porter ala ETC

And yet another event post before outfit post!

Calling all fashion bloggers and fashion lovers alike!  Time to get your SS 2012 closets ready and get the coming season's hottest trends from top designers Santi Obcena, Russell Villafuerte and Veejay Floresca! 

RSVP for the event with Dian at 0927 294 7296!  Its an open invite so get your guest list on and see you at the show!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shop Stop: Bloggers United with the MEG Mag Team

As if my blog posts haven't been delayed enough BUT since this event's already this weekend, must post this up first!

SOOO, as the poster says, do drop by Bloggers United 2 and shop from your favorite bloggers closets!  PLUS, the MEG Magazine Team will set up booth so it doubles as a meet and greet with the MEG editorial team!

Actually, if you wanna stay connected with the happy MEG gang, follow us via twitter!

Meg Magazine Official  :  @megmagazine
Bianca G  (Editor-At-Large)  :  @iamsuperbianca
Grace  (Associate Ed.)  :  @gracelibero
Klara  (Associate Ed.)  :  itsklarawithak
Ning  (Beauty Ed.)  :  @ninghil
L.A.  (Fashion Asst.)  :  @laferriols
Zanti  (Graphic Designer)  :  @zantiwanti
Ekai  (Editorial Coordinator)  :  @itsdeardenise
Leah  (Beauty Asst.)  :  @leahyosalina
Elisa  (Intern)  :  @kissmybleep
Hannah  (Fashion Intern)  :  @melbuhannah
Lala  (Intern)  :  @itssolala

Hope to see you guys this Saturday!


Friday, November 25, 2011

PFW SS 2012 Day 3

And lo and behold, I actually have outfit shots of what I wore for PFW Day 3! So backing up a bit since I just posted my PFW Day 4 look!  Ooopsie Daisy!

Anwyays, the theme for that day was animal print!  While you have your standard leopard, zebra and tiger all wild in the market, there's always that open option to take on the trend with a twist!  For me, it was the element of color.  Not to be deceived, this skirt is not a new purchase rather its one I've had for a couple of years now.  Its actually one of my closet faves since its all comfort and style in one!

As for the top, I fell in love with it at first fitting!  I've always liked denim and its ability to go from day to night when styled so I just had to take it home, wore it the 1st chance I got and... Voila!  Though, the icing on the cake would probably be the pretty pair of footwear I have on!  I was drooling over these black beauties online so imagine my squealing happy face when the shoe box was handed over to me!  Priceless!

Anyways, that day, I hung out with THE Grace Libero, Baby Elisa and Lover Angelo!  Hanging with them was such a thrill really and I can't wait till the next PFW... well, that's months away but... still!

Till the next PFW outfit post... I still have about 2 I think... Gotta hustle!


Denim Cut Out Top  :  CC-00
Animal Print Skirt  :  MARC JACOBS
Black Tassel Clutch  :  ALDO
Feather Earrings  :  TOPSHOP
Camilla Wedge Sock Boots  :  ALEXANDER WANG


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PFW SS 2012 Day 4

As seen via :)  My first at Mega Wardrobe!  Here's the link:
Talk about a late post...  Skipped Days 2 & 3 for outfit post!  I had a full schedule for those days and didn't have time enough to remember to at least get an outfit shot! Pfft So... this is what I wore to PFW Day 4 instead.  Just a bit of history, I fell in love with this uber long cardigan number - at first sight!  In fact, it had to be taken out from the display window since its the last piece :)  So thank you to the nice staff at Forever 21 for bringing it down for me!

That day, I went straight to PFW from the office and was a bit haggard from juggling some deadlines and other projects!  Luckily, my skills were working just finevand I managed to pull of a mini fishtail braid!

Anyways, you can also spot this look via my chictopia lookbook: /

Also, been twitter connected for a good month now so follow me on twitter! Its @laferriols.


Creme gold long cardigan  :  FOREVER XX1
Black textured sheer dress  :  TOPSHOP
Black oversized clutch  :  NINA RICCI
Black wedges  :  JEFFREY CAMPBELL
Gold wired cuff  :  TOPSHOP
Gold lion earrings  :  MANGO

(c)  Elisa Aquino

Monday, November 7, 2011

PFW SS 2012 Day 1

Fresh from watching The Bench Show

Its time to kick off my Philippine Fashion Week Outfit Post Series!  Unfortunately, I don't think I was able to do outfit shots for all 8 days so I'll just post the ones I do have, yes?

So this was taken on Day 1 of PFW with the Bench Show starting the week with quite impressive collections from their brands' Human, Kashieca and Bench.  I felt like going for color that night and ended up wearing this!

I was also on writer duty that night for MegaStyle and I got to talk about my take on the collections and chose my top 5 picks from the runway.  You can read about my online published article by clicking on the linky :

PLUS, hope you can like my look on Chictopia and add me up too!  Here's my Chictopia page :


Sheer Button Down  :  Made To Order  from WHITE CALF
Pants  :  Hongkong Market
Tie  :  TOPMAN
Fringe bag  :  FOREVER XXI
Watch  :  CASIO
Rings  :  H&M

I fell in love with the print detail :)  Subtle princess

Adieu from the runway!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shop Stop (with a TWIST!) : Style Swap

I am absolutely thrilled to kick off this blogging month (and my birthday month as well) with a shop stop post!  Well, with a twist that is!

Actually, this post is coming in kind of late but I hope that you guys can make your way to Union Bank Plaza on November 12 and experience a different kind of "shopping" via a clothes swap concept!  I've heard of clothes swapping events in the US being quite popular and I've always been curious and wanting to be part of one!  So imagine my excitement when Closet Cleaners' Risa, Yana and Jackie invited me to the event! :)  The goal is to save, swap and reduce the fashion footprint in a social fun and fabulous event.  You can swap anything from clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes and accessories. 

Whats more, White Calf, is going to be at the event so come shop at the booth and get the last pieces from the first collection!  AND, from what I've heard, some pretty popular bloggers will be at the event too so that's all the more reason to go right?

Anyways, to learn more about the event mechanics and registration, just visit their official events page :

I'll be sure to bring some pretty nice finds at the event so I hope to see you guys there :)


Thursday, October 20, 2011


... An Apology!

Well, that is if she were human and I hurt her feelings... BUT, nonetheless, I feel sorry for not being able to update much since there's been quite a number of things that I've been busy with and there was just never a good enough time to just sit down and write (like now!).

Anyways, to give a sneak about my life's focus now, I'm happy to share with the world and everything and everyone else in it, that I am now MEG Magazine's Fashion Assistant!  To all of the loyal MEG readers, I hope you can look forward to our coming issues and get your much needed monthly dose of fun, frills and fashion.

PLUS, if you want to keep posted on the latest about MEG, fashion and what not, just follow me on twitter! Its @laferriols :)

This coming week is already Philippine Fashion Week and tom is going to be quite a full day! I hope to be able to blog soon by the weekend so wish me more energy and sleep, eh?

Rendezvous back here soon!


Just reminding ya'll to get your copy of MEG Magazine's October 2011 issue!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Late Post! My NIVEA Glamboard Express Entry

About this time last month... (yeah, this is how late this post is... My apologies!) I became a finalist for the Nivea Glamboard Express Contest and this was my entry!  The prize?  Well, php 10,000.00 worth of shopping from Mango and a whole lot of other goodies!  While I didn't get to win and while its a been about sometime already, I just wanna say thanks to my friends and their friends who took time to leave a comment and vote!  It was a first joining an online contest and hopefully not my last!

Anyways, check out my entry below!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Host Post : The GLEEks Are Back!

Was tempted to bring home Blaine's tarp... If only I had a bigger bag! 
And once again they're taking over your Wednesdays!  GLEE is on to Season 3 and last Sept 21, ETC and Jack TV opened the season with a bang with 3 simultaneous screenings at the Gateway Cineplex!  I took over the Nivea Screening and it was crazy awesome!  ETC and Jack TV gave away gift certificates, gift packs and... 2 flip corders!  At some point, I was just ready to hand over the mic and join the games and win that flip corder! HA  The games tired me out though coz I had to run around, play "dodgeball" and host in my heels!  I swear I should have come prepared and by prepared, maybe did some warm ups and stretches before starting the program, yeah?

Anyhoo, if you were there that night, I hope you had a great time hanging out with us fellow GLEEks!  When the next one will be, only ETC and Jack TV can tell so stay tuned and keep watching GLEE every Wednesday live via satellite at 4PM with primetime telecast at 9PM!  (Its become a habit with those details you see!)

Will not forget my thank-you's of course and they go out to - Ivan, Joanne, Ilette and the ETC family; Mikki and RJ with some Nivea love and especially Paul who I got to leech some photos from for this event!  Check out his blog :  The low-res photos were taken by my trusty iTouch so please bare with the quality!

For now, this is L.A. GLEEking out!


Chambray  :  PACIFIC SUN
GLEE Glittered Tee  :  c/o ETC
Waist Shorts  :  H&M
Heels  :  TOPSHOP
Gemma Satchel in Navy Blue  :  WHITE CALF

No outfit post but this should be enough!  (c)  Paul
And the GLEEks reunite!

Trying to sneak a photo of the audience too!
Waiting for the show to begin!
Meet the GLEEk Squad
Thank you to NIVEA!   (c)  Paul
Kudos to these ladies who performed ala GLEE with a Nivea twist!   (c)  Paul
2 from the audience went home with a flip corder!!! LUCKYYYY  (c)  Paul
And that's a wrap GLEEks!  (c)  Paul

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Online of course.

Finally, my best kept secret is out and I couldn't be happier.  After months of developing a design and finally being very satisfied with the end product, it is with a big cheery smile that I would like everyone to meet my dream project, WHITE CALF.  

White Calf is for vibrant individuals who desire unique pieces that reflect their personal freshness and lifestyle.

White Calf strives on individuality via limited pieces per collection. Every White Calf product is distinct and focuses on bringing the latest trends to the self-confessed fashionista. 

The White Calf design team strives to deliver fashion forward collections mixed with your basics range at affordable prices without ever compromising quality. 

White Calf was established in June 2011.

LIMITED ED. Guaranteed
Every White Calf Collection is produced with only limited pieces and is exclusively designed and distributed only through White Calf. We understand our client's need for individuality and uniqueness, thus, you can be assured that White Calf will give you no less than first class quality and style.

All inquiries are transacted via Facebook or email.  Full product photos and details are uploaded as well.

You can easily contact White Calf through these sites:

We already launched a private opening sale last week and luckily, there's still a few pieces left which I hope can find a good home in your arms and in your closets.

For now, allow to unveil WHITE CALF's  Primera Colección Gemma


 Primera Colección Gemma 
Invest in your it-girl cool with White Calf’s Gemma satchel in Navy Blue, Tan and Moss Green. Worn over the shoulder or carried by the handle this covetable style will stamp every look with urban glamour.

With smooth leather satchel, the Gemma bag has a top handle, a detachable shoulder strap, a fold-over flap front with a brass lock and strap fastenings, and is fully lined with suede.

Bag Dimensions are as follows:
Width 14" / 35.5cm
Height 11" / 28cm
Depth 4" / 11cm
Handle Drop 4" / 11cm
Min. Strap Length 29" / 73cm
Max. Strap Length 51" / 130cm 

Gemma in Moss Green
Gemma in Navy Blue
Gemma in Tan

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lets Talk Books! Welcome to Book Nook!

Okay, so the titles are in French BUT the spread is too pretty and it has all the titles!  Google translate?  

Adding on to the many facets that is me, I'm starting on a totally new segment on my blog.  So friends, Welcome to the Book Nook!

While my blog chronicles mostly fashion articles and events, it feels wrong to not share about my love for books!  Have this one to pin on my mom who pretty much was my reading buddy growing up.  Saturday afternoons then would be spent on my parent's bed - on one end my mom with her novel and on the other end, me with my borrowed book from the library.  (Yes, I actually visited the library back in Grade School quite often and filled up quite a few library cards too teehee)

From young, I was reading Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High (all the series mind you), The Adventures of Tin Tin (can't wait for the movie release!), The Berenstain Bears, The Three Investigators and a whole lot more.  From reading different genres, I'm quite a fan of fantasy fiction, suspense, mystery and adventure, romantic novels (every now and then) and of course, children's books! (I will never tire of reading my favorite Fairy Tales, Disney books and Aesop's Fables)

While books have evolved from hard bounds to e-books, I must say that it feels a world of difference having an actual book in your hand, flipping through the pages, having an actual bookmark and eventually, shelving your favorites on that part of the shelf.

Must be this rainy season that's getting me all excited to curl up and read!  I'm onto a book now and I'll let you in on my thoughts next time.  So what are you guys reading right now?  Maybe later we can even book swap!

Quite excited!


P.S.  Took a trip down memory lane while looking for these book covers / photos online... Makes me miss the library too...

Tin Tin and Friends! 
Snippet from "Tin Tin in Tibet"  (c)
Read about the books on this site :
One of my faves!
I actually have this book on my shelf! Its one of my faves

Blonde, blue-eyed and model-esque! YES! The Wakefield twins and their adventures

So old school! I like  (c)
Envious of this book collection... (c)
Never heard of The Three Investigators??? READ ON 
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