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My 2011 Year-End Report : PART 2 of 3

Sneak peek about this post!

WOAH! Talk about time flying by way too fast, I think these days its almost like moving at the speed of light! Cray cray right? Alas! I'll have to speed up with these posts so I'll just get right to it then! Lets reserve the chit chat for later? Here's part 2 of my year end entry! :)


Backlog Featured Entries
1. My Birthday
2. MEG Up & Coming Fashion Bloggers
3. Monterey Overnight at Tagaytay
4. Bloggers Bazaar

My Happy Day Treat
November 25, 2011

Can I just say I'm the biggest fan of birthdays and well, Christmas? SO, even if I wasn't throwing a bash or partying it up crazy, I'm always determined to have a good time and surround myself with awesome people for a good 24 hours - and that'd be a whole lot of family time and chika with friends. Lunch was spent with the family and I had a seafood feast which was just as I had dreamed it and to top it off, I had ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and gobbled up about 2 good slices (ok I'm cheating, I ate 3!) In the afternoon, I caught up on my reading (I'm on book 3 of 4 of the "Game of Thrones" series and with my work schedule, I feel like I'm taking forever finishing it!) and did an early prep for my birthday dinner with the boyfie! :)

So dinner was at this restaurant called Relish and it was just so nice. There was live jazz music in the background, the service was amazing and the food was fit to my taste (so yeah, I definitely have plans of going back!) On regular days, I can be a little loud and overly energetic so I do appreciate low key moments where I can just sit back and chill. So I really liked this birthday celebration!

At Ayala Triangle, right before dinner

Best boyfie ever! Spent 7 birthdays together already :) BOO for the blurry pic though!

Meg Up & Coming Bloggers
November 25, 2011

So whats a birthday without a bit of work right? After dinner, headed out to KYSS Bar for the last MEG Up & Coming Party featuring Camille Co and Laureen Uy. It was fun to say the least and even ended up bagging best dressed of the night (Whattatreat?!?) While I wasn't able to party too much, it felt good to spend a part of my day with my MEG family! Here's what went down that night...

Warning: A LOT of photos after the outfit post!

Fringed sleeved sweater top  :  MIEL VILLAMOR
Suede shorts  :  FOREVER XXI
Black Camilla boot wedges  :  ALEXANDER WANG
Moss green oversized clutch  :  WHITE CALF
Gold earrings  :  FOREVER XXI
Gold bangle  :  FOREVER XXI

(c) Greg Mayo

Absolutely heavenly :)

Full support from Sophie, Suki, Ina and friends
Laureen and Camille

With our big bosses, Ms. SARI & Sir ARDI
The MEG Team gets an introduction
So cute! I won "Most Fashionable" that night :) Thank you Jellybean for the GCs

We missed KLARAAAA!!!

Fierce GRACE & ANGELO my loves... wait, how come we don't have a photo?!?

Montereys in Tagaytay
November 25, 2011

My high school friends and I (were collectively known as Montereys as it best describes our love for food!) scheduled a random trip up to Tagaytay to just unwind. Well, this entry is more of an outfit post since we got well into bonding time and these pictures were only taken when my girlfriend. LJ and I got left behind at the house! She takes like awesome photos so I was charming enough to ask her to take these for me! :)

Gray sweater  :  FOREVER XXI
Paint splattered cotton shorts  :  WHITE CALF
Black satchel  :  made-to-order  WHITE CALF
Black garter sandals  :  TOPSHOP
Gold necklace  :  FOREVER XXI
Gold watch  :  CASIO

my funny attempt at doing a blogger pose! hahahaha

Future fashion photographer? Meet my love LJ!!!

Bloggers Bazaar: Part 2
December 4, 2011

What a treat this was! A meet and greet venue for the local blogosphere PLUS a shopping haven that day!  MEG was more than thrilled to be part of the event! Was a little occupied going around so I didn't get to take photos BUT I'll update this post when I do.  Keep posted for the next bloggers bazaar!

1/2 of PLUMPINAY bought a WHITE CALF satchel!!! I got sooo kilig!

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