Thursday, June 9, 2011

Host Post : VitPower Man, PHIL Younghusband

Still hoping I can get better onstage shots with the VitPower Man and when i do, will post!

What powers Phil's passion?
That was THE question during the VitWater Power or VitPower launch.

VitWater Power is now VitPower as it gets a makeover and this time its packed with extreme energy and excellent taste.  With the natural goodness of water, fortified with nutrients for optimum health benefits, VitPower is the perfect partner of multi-taskers as they take on their daily activities confidently giving out not just a 100% energy but even as much as 110%! Impressive?  Pretty much and with Phil Younghusband as their VitPower Man, its hard not to believe!  For those weight watching, VitPower also has zero sugar and is low on calories so you drink without guilt.

During the launch last Tuesday, May 7, 2011 at 55 Events Place, the venue was filled with press and media personalities who got an eyeful of THE VitPower Man, Phil Younghusband.  The program line-up prepared had guests witness energy boosting dance numbers, an opportunity to interact with Phil onstage and go home with VitPower freebies.

While the 2-hour program breezed by, I still distinctly remember Phil demonstrating his ball handling skills, his strut and smolder stare on the runway and basic tennis backhand form.  I now know why a lot of girls swoon at the sight of him and its not just cause he's good looking and an achiever but its his confidence and discipline when it comes to his responsibilities and interests.  I mean, he knows what it is he wants and he goes out there and claims it with no hesitation.  I should also add that I appreciate how he looks at a person straight in the eye.  I think that says a lot about a person and for that, he certainly has gained my admiration.  A fan now?  Maybe!  (I'm still all for James though!)

OH and how could I forget my personal favorite, the highlight for me was playing Rock, Paper, Scissors (locally known as Jack and Poy) with the football star and beating him 2 out of 3!  Mr. Carl Valenzona of The Web Magazine, was nice enough to document the "duel" and my "victory" and even had me for a quick interview about my take on VitPower and my impression of Phil.  Curious to see my mini-win, you can watch the video here!

Capped off the event with Phil's Q&A and autograph signing.  While he got grilled about his training and daily activities, no one could keep the press mum about his "relationship" with Ms. Angel Locsin.  Now, I don't really know much about the supposed relationship between the two but he did say that they both keep in contact with each other via BBM and that they understand how busy the other person is.  If they're together or dating, that I just have no idea!

A big pleasure to be working with MME again but this time with Ms. Paula, Aileen, Mark, Sir Buddy and the rest of the production team.

That said, what powers Phil's passion? Its all about VitPower.  Now you know.


P.S.  The outfit for the event is all about color blocking.  This isn't the first time I've done color blocking but maybe its a first for me working with colors that are just bold and out there.  I had to keep with VitPowers color scheme which was Yellow and Red.  Chose a neon yellow top to go with a pair of red high-waisted shorts.  Brought the accessories down to a bare minimum.

A note on color blocking : I think whats important about color blocking is finding the right colors and shades to go together.  There should always be a balance so your outfit doesn't look like its screaming in all the wrong places. 

Neon Yellow Top  :  FOREVER XXI
Red Waist Shorts  :  FOREVER XXI
Heels  :  TOPSHOP
Bracelet, Necklace  :  FOREVER XXI
Rings  :  H&M
Full Outfit Details at the end of the post.

And here it is!  Round 2 with a Younghusband - PHIL that is!  Expectations for the 2nd meeting?  None really save that I wanted a better photo this time around BUT since my job doesn't really have time for photo breaks, I had to settle for my iTouch which could only produce these...

HA! Talk about major fail right? Oh well... 
Might be true that, 3rd time's a charm? Hmmm... We'll see!

Watching from backstage and waiting for the program to start!
After the event proper with Ms. PAULA and AILEEN

Outfit Check!
These shots were taken just before heading out for the event! Major rush rush

First walk out for these pretties and I think they had fun at the event too!

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