Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel Bug: Take Me to CEBU!

Finally a beach trip Summer 2011

This is LOVE!

Ever since young, its like I always get bitten by a travel bug.  Can't really stay in one place very long and even if it means just walking to the next block, I'm one to do it if it means just "getting someplace else".  If I probably had most of the money in the world (not all, cause that's just crazy, right?), I'd spend my time traveling and experiencing the world's cultures, helping out in communities, check out local cuisines and dabble in a little shopping (okay, maybe a lot of shopping! HA)

For this trip out, it was time to go local.  Apart from Bacolod, I can't really remember travelling South of the archipelago so heading over to Cebu was a definite first for me.  We were a party of 7 - 2 couples and 3 singlies (well, if you want to get technical - 1 is engaged, another is in a relationship and the other is single and ready to mingle - try to spot the who!)  We were set to spend 2 days at the beach over at Bantayan Island and the last day was a random stroll through Cebu City.

The plane trip to was about an hour and then to the port was another 2 hours.  From the port, we took a ferry to Bantayan Island which took us about another hour and all in all, travel time was an estimated 4 hours so not bad really.  What was a challenge though was baggage! (nothing new for me really since I could never learn to travel light!) BUT what was most interesting for this trip was having to travel with NO CHECK IN luggage! Crazy right? So I pretty much had to squeeze in all I could in 7kg of hand carry allowance and... SUCCESS!!!

Finally settling in at the CouCou Lodge was comfortable since the rooms were well kept and the bathroom was just as I would like it - well lit and squeaky clean!  Was roomies with KWEY and SAM (awful that FRAN missed out but work got in the way...) and after freshening up, headed out for a stroll by the shore and some good old quality hangout session.  After playing model with my favorite photography-lovin' couple, LJ and PAELO, took part in our first ever sandball fight (same concept as a snowball fight only with sand! A must try!!!) where BIANCA and YAN YAN joined in (well YanYan, was off swimming once the "fight" started).  As you could guess, that took a lot out of us and we ended up tired and slumped.  Had seafood for dinner, a few drinks and called it a night!

Carefree and relaxed... just what I needed!

Cheers to Day 1!

Bikini  :  H&M
 Shorts  :  FOREVER XXI
Sandals  : TOPSHOP
Hat  :  H&M
Accessories  :  DUBAI Souk, WHITE CALF
Shades  :  MARC JACOBS

Check out our ride! This is how we roll... laughing! HA!
Cou Cou Lodge

Purse Prime Company Outing
Getting to know my camera better... Big Thanks to PAELO!
Just could NOT leave the accessories at home
Just some outfit shots! FULL POST on my CHICTOPIA

BIANCA's craving for ice cream...???
Jumping Competition with LJ!
Feel the tension... Competitive!
Cloudy at the beach as it nears sunset...
Chats over dinner!
Toasting to milkshakes!

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