Saturday, June 18, 2011

MY 1st BLOGSARY! I Want a Treat!


Just checked on the dates and I'm still reeling from the fact that I've somehow managed to sustain a blog for 1 MONTH!  And really, this is quite a feat for me since this isn't really the first time I've tried blogging BUT this is the first time, I'm actually able to maintain one!  Virtual snaps for me!

Now, to celebrate this feat, I'm torn between giving away GCs or accessories from my personal brand, WHITE CALF or helping a friend by means of styling instead... Hmmm...  I'm giving myself until the end of June to carry out this task! 

Now... all I have to do is pick randomly from my facebook friends list!  Easy, right?  I'd probably end up choosing by next week so I can also tailor-fit the prize to the winner.


A very happy me after 1 month of blogging!

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