Thursday, June 9, 2011

Host Post : VitPower Launch Photo Blog

Photo courtesy of The Web Magazine
Photos here on courtesy of Orange Magazine TV
Played Rock, Paper Scissors!  Watch the DUEL via The Web Magazine Site.
Almost the same height... only I got my 5-inch heels! HA
I guess there's a virtual genie too, right?  See, in my prior entry I wasn't able to post a lot of onstage photos with the VitPower Man, PHIL YHB but just a few minutes after my post on the VitPower Launch, lo and behold, 2 professional bloggers (who I've been most fortunate to meet at the event), posted up their photos!

A very BIG THANK YOU again to Mr. Carl Valenzona of The Web Magazine for some of the photos in this post.  You can visit his site for anything and everything on celebrities, bloggers, general interests and the like!  Read more and get hooked at :

Also, a MAJORLY BIG THANK YOU as well to Mr. Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV for most of the photos and the videos on this post.  Orange Magazine TV is the the newest events and lifestyle online medium where one can read content 24/7 for FREE.  Just visit :


(Photos and Videos courtesy of Mr. Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV)  

CHEERS to VitPower!
Onstage with the VitPower Man
On to do the ball handling demo
During the fashion relay segment - strike a pose!
Even TENNIS!  Seems like there's not a sport he hasn't tried!!! WOW
Best 2 out of 3: L.A. wins!



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