Sunday, June 12, 2011

Say HELLO to PURSE PRIME, Your Bag's Best Friend!

Say hello to my day job --- PURSE PRIME!

It seems a lot of my friends actually get surprised that I ACTUALLY have a day job but it really is true.  For the past 3 months, I have been self-employed in a business started by me and my bestfriend, KWEY.  (I've mentioned her a couple of times in my previous entries and yes, she's the besty who recently got engaged!)

This all started with that constant need to just get a business started - one that's really my own.  Not that I have anything against inheriting the family business (which I will eventually take on, on a full scale) but I think that its just a different sense of achievement to build something from the ground up with your own set of skills partnered with some sweat and tears.  Truth be told, I've probably talked to how many friends and colleagues in the hopes of starting something.  But as fate would have it, it led me to realize that I should have also consulted with my best bud who's pretty much just been there all this time!  So she pitched me this idea and boom! Like clockwork, we hit the ground running and things were just falling into place and in less than 2 months, everything was set up and...

TADA!  With so much excitement, we come bearing wonderful gifts to all the self-confessed bag lovers out there!

So if you are a bag lover like us, or you just really have an investment you want to treasure and pass on to your children or even grandchildren, then PURSE PRIME will be there to help you do just that!

I invite you to read on to know more about Purse Prime and the products and services we offer.

PURSE PRIME is also on these online sites and you are more than welcome to SHOP and browse:

Click on the LOGO and LIKE our Facebook Page and get a chance to win awesome bag care FREEBIES!!!

PURSE PRIME is your one-stop-shop Bag Care Specialist in the Philippines. Purse Prime is the Exclusive Reseller of Loving Your Bags for Apple Brand Products in Philippines. Based in Manila, we ship to the rest of the archipelago, fast and easy!

Most people say it’s all about finding the perfect designer handbag, owning it and flaunting it for the world to see.  BUT we, at Purse Prime, know that nothing stays perfect for long especially if you do not take the time and make the effort to keep your prized investments in mint condition.


Well the first step is and has always been to seek for advice and to the one who seeks for the love of
bags – Purse Prime is your certified bag’s best friend.

Opened online this May 2011, Purse Prime is a labor of passion and commitment from a pair of best friends who greatly appreciated the effort and care put into preserving designer handbags. This value
was instilled in them early on as they have are both known for taking care of their valued belongings in the hopes that these will become coveted vintage goods they can proudly pass on to their children.

In keeping with this value, Purse Prime places an even stronger emphasis on the importance of prevention since it is as important to take care of your bags as it is to fix or mend it when it gets broken.

Dedicated and zealous about providing our customers with great and reliable designer bag care products, Purse Prime is also backed by excellent customer service. Rest assured that if you buy from Purse Prime, you are buying no less than the authentic, quality first hand merchandise that you deserve. Which is why, we proudly stand behind all of our products and guarantee the authenticity of our merchandise.

That said, if you are a self-confessed bag lover like us, here at Purse Prime, you need not hesitate to give your handbags the love they deserve and make bag care a habit!

After all, a few years down the road, still in mint condition – you’ll see just how much your handbag loves you back.

Purse Prime offers a growing range of Designer Bag Care products including the Apple Leather Care
range, Esquire, Meltonian and more to help bag enthusiasts take care of their bag investments.

Your designer bags deserve the best care possible.
From EXOTIC SKINS, LEATHERS including Lambskin, Caviar, Calf Skin, Vachetta, Patent, FABRIC, VINYL to CANVAS, Purse Prime has the right products for you.

Purse Prime
offers the following products and services:
• Leather Care Products
• Exotic Skin Care Products
• Suede & Nubuck Care Products
• Fabric Care Products
• Patent Care Products
• Vinyl Care Products
• Canvas Care Products
• Designer Bag Care Accessories
• Reseller Opportunities (Purse Prime Friend)

Apple Leather Kit
Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellent
Apple Suede and Nubuck Cleaner
Apple Leather Cleaner
Meltonian All Purpose Cleaner and Conditioner
Esquire Patent and Patina Cleaner
Shine Cloth

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