Monday, September 3, 2012


Random Photo? Well, yeah! :)) Outtakes from the MEG JUNE 2012 Editorial Team Shoot! Goofing around with my fashion editor, RAIN DAGALA :)

The title seemed fitting since its so ironic when my blog seems to be in a coma from lack of activity (my fault entirely of course) BUT I was just so happy to see that visitors still drop by the page to check it out :D I know this blog hasn't had much to offer these past months but in any case, thanks so much!

Anyways, I'm really happy I found time to squeeze in this post! For the time being, I think I have my head back on straight and I'm readying myself for yet another issue (so yes, I am still a magazine girl if you're wondering about that...), well no longer with MEG as I have recently moved to MEGA (July 17 to be exact). Gosh, how time flies really and these days I'm realizing how time is that one luxury that we all can't afford so cheesy as it sounds - don't waste it! See, I'm about to celebrate my first year with One Mega Group and it almost just feels like I've only been working there a couple of months so its really true what they say about time flying by when you're having fun! Stressed and cray cray kind of fun but fun nonetheless!

That said, I only hope that everyone else is having their own dose of fun! Well, in whichever and whatever manner suits you of course :) 

OH and before I forget entirely, I hope that you can indulge me in a little research and answer this question: 

Thats about it! Thanks in advance for posting an answer or just dropping by to read!

Till my next post...


Oversized vest : RENAN PACSON
Emerald tweed pants : TOPSHOP

Thursday, June 14, 2012



Yipes! I don't seem to be too good with this huh?!? Well, I'd like to think that if I had more time on my hands, I could really squeeze in a post or two BUT with deadlines coming at me like mad, I'm working hard to keep everything together. So while I may not be blogging, I hope that you have all been thoroughly enjoying the past issues of MEG Magazine (my first issue was the FEB Issue... :D)

Later on, I would love to be able to post up BTS shots and unpublished photos from some of the editorials I've done and I guess clue you guys in on some big changes that's been happening! I mean, I havent exactly found a way to narrate the last 4 months of my life so when I figure it out - I'll be sure to blog about it! Suffice to say, its all pretty exciting!

Now that I got that out of the way, feels fitting to post outfit shots and to get it all out in one go, here's my Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 Outfit Roll! I think I was channeling a different look each day, can you figure out my themed looks? :)) All photos taken via instagram @laferriols


P.S. I'm so much more active on twitter so let's all tweet away! @laferriols


Nude jumpsuit  :  TYLER
Glittered heels  :  ZARA

 DAY 2

Black sheer top  :  ZARA
Brown tartan skirt  :  RENAN PACSON
Boots  :  TOPSHOP


Creme knit pullover  :  TOPSHOP
Emerald green skirt  :  ZARA
Leather pants  :  TOPSHOP
Clutch  :  ALDO
Necklace  :  TOPSHOP


Green fringe dress  :  FOREVER 21
Gray pullover  :  TOPSHOP
Leather jacket  :  DUBAI SOUK
Boot wedges  :  ALEXANDER WANG
Accessories  :  TECHNOMARINE, ALDO


Pebbled dress  :  BEYA F for WHITE CALF
Jacket  :  CC-00
Cardigan  :  TOPSHOP
Bucket bag  :  MICHAEL KORS
Necklace  :  MANGO


Purple pants  :  RENAN PACSON x L.A. FERRIOLS
Floral top  :  TOPSHOP
Taupe blazer  :  RENAN PACSON
Nude pumps  :  TOPSHOP

Monday, February 27, 2012

My 2011 Year-End Report : PART 2 of 3

Sneak peek about this post!

WOAH! Talk about time flying by way too fast, I think these days its almost like moving at the speed of light! Cray cray right? Alas! I'll have to speed up with these posts so I'll just get right to it then! Lets reserve the chit chat for later? Here's part 2 of my year end entry! :)


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3. Monterey Overnight at Tagaytay
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My 2011 Year-End Report : PART 1 of 3

Sneaking a text before the PFW shows start!
My goodness! How time flies! How is everybody doing this January 2012? Scratch that, more like FEBRUARY 2012!!!  Honestly, I barely felt the holidays... Not that I didn't try to immerse myself in the Christmas Spirit... But with work and deadlines, a death in the family and all my other extracurriculars, time was really the enemy!

BUT you just have to keep going right and make the most out of everything?  SO I know that I've been more than remiss in updating my blog so first off, A BIG THANK YOU to my online friends who have been so nice and sweet as to leave me messages while I was on my blog hiatus! Reading them, really warmed my heart! Secondly, as I had promised, I'll be posting my backlog posts from last year in a 3-part post!  (Talk about going back in time, like way back cause I'm talking months here! HAHA) Though I hope you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane with me!

That said, here we go...


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2. PFW SS 2012 Day 7
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4. MEG Up & Coming Celebrities: Megan & Lauren Young

PFW SS 2012 Day6
October 27, 2011

It was all bout Lace and Leather for the MEGA team on the 6th day.  With the cray cray happenings at the office, I just pulled out a lace number from my closet and kept it simple that day.  Now, I dunno if I've talked about it enough but my sister, BEYA, is very crafty and she made these feather earrings just the night before!  (Isn't she the BESTEST of the BEST?! :D)  Now I hope my haggard interior doesn't show too much in these photos! 


Black lace dress  :  Hongkong Souk
Feather earrings  :  DIY
Clutch  :  South Africa Souk
Blush Heels  :  TOPSHOP
Silver watch  :  CASIO

No full outfit post from that night so this'll have to do while waiting for the car ride home

(c) Elisa Aquino

1/2 of my PFW Seatmates, ANGELO, Mega Fashion Crew Stylist Winner!  Now, why don't I have a photo of my darling ELISA?!

PFW SS 2012 Day 7
October 28, 2011

You could have guessed it right and the theme for the MEGA team that day was Citrine! Just timely might I add since just a couple of days prior PFW, I fell in love with this neon motorcycle jacket.  It looked so refreshing I didn't even think twice about the purchase.  

On top of that, the dress that I wore that day was designed by me and my sister for our brand WHITE CALF.  It's a made-to-order dress that can come in solid colors or prints! (And yes, White Calf is slowly branching out to making fashionable and trendy dresses for your one-of-a-kind needs! OK more of this on a later post!  BUT if you want to order this dress, just leave us a message via our facebook page:

Anyways, if you haven't noticed my style yet, I'm not really big on going girly a lot of the time.  While I love dresses and florals and the occasional ruffles detail, I tone my burst of femininity with loose pieces so it could be a jacket, a blazer, a vest or what not.  So here's a peek at what I wore that day to the shows.


Neon motorcycle jacket  :  CC-00
Printed cut-out dress  :  WHITE CALF
Moss green over-sized clutch  :  WHITE CALF
Forest green patent belt  :  Bangkok Souk
Tan heels  :  TOPSHOP
Gold watch  :  CASIO

Seems I always get caught texting! HAHA

(c) Elisa Aquino

Megastyle Articles

Just re-posting my first 2 articles with Megastyle!  Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing them!


MEG Up & Coming Celebrities
November 4, 2011

Its been on for quite awhile now that MEG Magazine is revamping and is no longer the teeny bopping magazine from when it started.  Like its audience, MEG has grown up and these are exciting times for both the magazine and its loyal readers!  I am truly honored to be a part of this change and was extremely thrilled about telling everyone about it.  
So last November, MEG held a party series themed "Up & Coming".  It was every Friday of November at the KYSS Bar where it was a celebration of successful young women and the most stylish and influential young movers of this generation.  Young celebrities, fashion designers, university it-girls and fashion bloggers hosted the weekly events. 

Young celebrity sisters, Lauren and Megan Young were the featured ladies for the first Friday.  It was a great kick off with guests treated to a fashion show by Jellybean.  Also hosted this event and styled the sisters for the night!
Blush sheer top  :  TOPSHOP
Studded black shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Layered necklaces  :  MANGO, GREENHILLS
Tan clutch  :  South Africa Souk
Nude pumps  :  TOPSHOP

Thank you Ms. Tina of Faceshop for my MUA

Onstage with young celebs MEGAN & LAUREN
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