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A Monterey Engagement! 1 of 11

CHEERS to the domesticated couple, KWEY and EJ!
The Woo-Hoo's! aka Well-wishers at the After Party
Got the BLING and that's all she needs.


An engagement in the Monterey Family! AND as expected, from her self proclamation when we were in 7th Grade, its no other than my besty friend of 12 years, KWEY!  After a pretty surreal proposal from her long time guy-bestfriend-turned-boyfriend, EJ, during the Maroon 5 Concert, our high school group finally has one lady hooked!

This their proposal story from my end and IS my longest entry yet!  I've always loved writing so I hope this one engages you as much as I enjoyed writing it!  Leave a comment for our newly engaged couple!

Pre-Proposal: The Conspirators
     I've known for sometime that EJ's been wanting to propose to Kwey and he was only waiting for the "right" moment to do so.  Since last year, in a most secretive and subtle manner, he's been on a lookout for an opportunity to pop the question - well, in their own unique style.
     His opening came when Kwey hinted, about a few months ago, that she wanted to watch the Maroon 5 Concert (huge guy crush with Adam Levine and all) and this pretty much was the light bulb moment EJ was waiting for.  Lo and behold, next thing Kwey knows, (and next thing she tells us) EJ gets them a pair of VIP tickets (5th row to be exact) in a rather impulsive move.  What she doesn't know is that "THE plan" is on its way.
     On one of those random days, I get a call from EJ and he gets me to do what I do best - fish for info (very exciting, SWEAR!).
     My job: To find out Kwey's ring size and her engagement ring peg!  DEN, her college besty, was also in on the plans and when we got to texting, she's already fished about the peg.  Now, for the ring size... I knew for a fact that Kwey loved statement rings but they were always the adjustable band kind so I pretty much had to think back and rack my brain for a ring peg we both had... and my memory bank has not failed me... Our Assumption Antipolo Batch Ring!  But next problem was how to get the ring, right? Sooo... I texted Kwey's sister, FAYE, and cooked up a story of wanting to make my group a friendship ring and I needed to borrow Kwey's AA ring.  Didn't seem like she suspected anything strange so she gives the ring to EJ under my instructions... AND... MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
     On Den's end, it seems Kwey's peg was Carmen Electra's black diamond engagement ring.  EJ actually had a design in mind anyway so with our ring research combined, on a Tuesday morning, April 26, to be exact, EJ goes out of town to buy "chicharon" aka have the ring made!
     With all this under wraps, I was trying to see if Kwey was noticing anything AND luckily, from the numerous talks we had, she just knew that EJ wanted to propose.  She didn't know when or how BUT her one simple request was that  during that night, she be dressed to a T --- easy breezy.

The Proposal Plans
I think that with every proposal plan there has to be room for adjustments so i guess something like Plan A-Z (hopefully, you don't end up using all the plans but hey, better prepared right?)
     EJ only had Plan A & B.
     This is PLAN A.  EJ was already coordinating with the event organizers of the Maroon 5 Concert and was hoping to get him to do the proposal on stage or backstage.  So majorly awesome but well a lot of red tape to get through to.  This plan reminds me so much of how they do it in the movies and then for the couple on stage, its like everything around them just goes blur and note how its in slow motion and hazy and... yeah, cheesy romantic! But admittedly awesome right?
     On the other hand, there's PLAN B.  Kwey's fave Maroon 5 song is "She Will Be Loved".  So while the song is playing, and the crowd singing along, EJ will just "feel the moment", pop the question, get down on one knee, pull out the ring and well, wait for an answer.  So very Hollywood too with how you imagine a spotlight on our couple, teary-eyed happy.
     So those were the plans - both equally awesome!
     What was thoroughly consistent with all the planning though was the After Party.  Regardless of whatever, friends will gather that very same concert night and congratulate the couple on their engagement! (Still can't get over the fact that there's no standard congratulatory phrase for engaged couples... Should seriously come up with one!)
THE Proposal
Come concert night,  PLAN B is in full effect.  Over the phone with EJ, just a couple of hours away from concert proper, he's a mix of excitement, anticipation and nerves.  I assure him that all he needed to do was "feel" the moment coz he already knew what he wanted to do!  PLUS, he had to remember to text me the "code" for when he's popped the question and they're engaged, the text should read "ITS A GO" - this pretty much means that the friends should stay on and wait for them and well, not disperse.  (Funnily, he did forget and ended up texting me this instead "Guess who's engaged"... Totally not the code but yeah, the same thing! HA)
     The couple's account of the proposal goes a little something like this.  The proposal came while Maroon 5 was playing "She Will Be Loved".  EJ leans over and says "Will you marry me?".  Kwey, still singing along, is a little confused since EJ's casually played around with that question before, so she looks to EJ, shocked to find him in one knee holding out the ring.  Even before giving an answer, Kwey holds out her right hand, then her left, unsure of which hand really and EJ asks someone from the next row which hand the ring should be on.  (Too cute, right?)  Kwey is in tears and EJ reminds her that she's not given her answer but its an obvious YES right?  So our newly engaged couple, with several onlookers from the other rows, are in their own little happy bubble and safe to say, Kwey's Adam Levine crush moment... is just one for the books.

    With them at the concert, friends were set to meet 9ish at Greenbelt 3.  The "code" was texted at 9:21 PM while we were gathered at a coffee shop and as expected, squeals! DUH!  EJ and Kwey arrived marked by my squeally, classy phrase "Ayan na!" (which means, They're here) and well, the cheers go on!

Had tons of fun scheming with DEN and EJ!  Couldn't be happier for a couple whose story I feel like I've been a part of for so many years.  That they found each other is inspiring and that they choose to love each other will be even more.

Snaps for the domesticated couple!

To my Montereys, who's next?


P.S.  In keeping with my Chictopia, I included my look at the end of the post.

Black Top  :  FOREVER XXI
Tiger-print Skirt  :  WHITE CALF
 Studded Boots in Tan  :  H&M
 Fringe Bag  :  FOREVER XXI
 Rings  :  H&M

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Scheming BFF's... Kwey and EJ with me and DEN
Monterey Family Represent! FRAN and SAM

The After Party at Barcino
KJ with KATT and BIM

Now as promised... OUTFIT DETAILS
This awesome, easy-to-do up-do was from a youtube video!  This event deserved something this eyecatching!
Love at first sight! This Studded Fringe bag goes with just about anything

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