Monday, May 30, 2011

Host Post: ETC & Jack TV's Wednesday Nights Gone GLEEk "Season 2 FINALE"

What a GLEEk!

Hope you can like this look on CHICTOPIA

And this CERTIFIED GLEEk, takes a BOW.

Its been a pleasure hosting ETC and Jack TV's Wednesday Nights Gone GLEEk (WNGG)for about 8 months running.  Aside from the fact that I get some pampered GLEE-lovin', I've also met some pretty hardcore GLEEks along the way and its fascinating to hear about GLEE changing their lives.

Now, what I love most about WNGG is that you get to enjoy the latest GLEE episode with NO commercial breaks.  You know how shows love those cliffhanging segments then on to that dreaded commercial break?! Well, during WNGG, you skip all that and sit back and enjoy with friends.  PLUS, during WNGG, ETC and Jack TV gives away limited edition GLEE merchandise to lucky GLEE fans.  You could get to win:
  • GLEEk and Lovin It Shirts (Like the one I'm wearing!)
  • GLEE CDs
  • GLEE hoodies
  • GLEE mini lockers
  • GLEE shoes
  • php 3,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates (well, to go shop!)
On this particular night, it was a reunion with my ETC family (and what a crazy, happy one it is) and all the GLEEks.  Much like the past WNGG's, we got to test GLEEks on their GLEE trivia and they brought home the prizes.

Capping off the event, my friend Joanne, pulled me aside to introduce me to one of her girl friends who was present during the very 1st GLEE event.  That time, that friend wasn't pregnant yet but within that same month, she conceived and now, she's waiting 1 more month till her angel arrives! What a gift and an awesome story right? Almost feels like I was part of her pregnancy story... well, almost! HA

Anyways, I've actually managed to gather quite a few treats from GLEE as well and to toast to the 8 months I've spent with this series, I'll definitely make another post about it!  Hope you can look forward to that one.

For now, lets all wait for GLEE Season 3 and... another round of Wednesday Nights Gone GLEEk?


P.S. During every WNGG, its already a given that I wear  GLEEk shirt so this is the look I came up without. Feels geeky meets cute... not sure, but what do you think?

Cut Up Top  :  GLEE Tee (Cut Up by Yours Truly)
Skirt  :  COTTON ON
Blazer  :  WHITE CALF
Bag  :  ZARA
Headband  :  H&M

Live at Bubbagump, Greenbelt 3
Caught editing my script. Tee-hee
With my crazy fellow host-buddy and DJ of RX 93.1, CERAH
See all you come SEASON 3!

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