Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pre-HOST POST: ETC & Jack TV's Wednesday Nights Gone Gleek on MAY 25!

Just got THE Leah text and its a GO!

Exactly a week from now, its that time of the month again for all the GLEE fanatics!

ETC and Jack TV brings you Wednesday Nights Gone Gleek where we pretty much indulge all GLEEks by letting them watch the latest GLEE episode with no commercial breaks! Awesome? Yes! I think so too... PLUS, ETC and Jack TV gives away great prizes for certified GLEEks who know their GLEE trivia by heart.

So, if you're a certified GLEEk, I hope to see all of you on May 25, Wednesday at Bubbagump, Greenbelt 3, 7pm.

Cheers to the GLEEks!

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