Saturday, May 21, 2011

Capping Off a Great Week

After a whole week of work (mixed with play), I finally got an afternoon to unwind.  Spent it with great company - my wonderful sister, Beya and my cousins, Aika and Maricar.  It was Aika's last day out in MNL before flying out to SNG (I'll see you on July though!) and we spent it doing last minute shopping, catching up and toasting her on the new job.

Thank heavens budget airlines make it easier to see loved ones cause if not, no other choice but to keep doing online chats and video calls (not that they don't help either) but nothing beats a good, warm hug!

So make sure you give your loved ones a hug or two today.


Cropped Button-down Top  :  TOPSHOP
Layered Vest  :  TOPSHOP
Shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Tote Bag  :  COACH
Vintage Watch  :  CASIO
Bracelets  :  H&M, MANGO

Check out my Chictopia post and click on this link.
Trying to get the hair out of my face. HA!
These shoes are just a dream to walk with. Uber comfy!
Cousins Maricar and Aika :Dinner at Kogi, Eastwood
The Ferriols' Sisters Top Pick : Soft Shell Crab Roll. YUM

Ramyeon for dinner.

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