Thursday, May 19, 2011

Purse Prime Day!

Today was dedicated solely for Purse Prime!

First time I'm talking about Purse Prime so just to let you all in on it, Purse Prime is the bag lover's one-stop-shop for Bag Care products in the Philippines.  We are the Exlcusive Reseller of Loving Your Bags for Apple Brand Products in the Philippines and we ship to the rest of the archipelago, fast and easy!  Opened online just this May 2011, Purse Prime is a labor of passion and commitment from me and my bestfriend, Kwey.  With our fanaticism for designer handbags, we saw the need for bag lovers (like us) to be able to take care of their investments and give their bags the proper care they deserve.

Awesome? Well we think so too and raves about the products we offer are all over purse and bag forums too!

Anyways, today, Kwey and I pretty much went through our to-do list and managed to cross out a few entries BUT what was the highlight of the day was finally picking up the goods!  For weeks now, we've been so excited about the products but finally getting to hold the items physically was pretty exhilirating!  I have to say that the current product photos do not do these items justice! (Mental note to cook up a product shoot soon!)

We are actually looking to join bazaars real soon and hopefully we'll see you all of you there! PLUS, you might just get a free bag priming treatment and product samples courtesy of Purse Prime!

Oh and for today's look, I was hoping to just keep it casual and chic so I can comfortably go about errands! Success?  Like it on Chictopia if you think so!


 Denim Chambray  :  PACIFIC SUN
Lace Romper  :  ZARA
Caged Wedges  :  ZARA
Accessories  :  FOREVER XXI
Hat  :  H&M

Hoarding my own bag care set!

Must have for every bag lover - their own handy dandy leather kit!

Outfit check

My current faves - too comfortable to believe!

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