Saturday, May 21, 2011

Host Post: JCI Wine and Cheese Night Fundraiser

Snippets from Sommelier Selections' Wine Workshop. A definite must for wine enthusiasts!
A Cheese Feast and all locally made from Davao. Yummy!
Last night, I drove home knowing that I made kids happy (well, HAPPIER) and what an exhilarating feeling that was! 

Having been invited to help out at my friend EJ's fundraising event, I was able to learn more about the project and the cause.  Project Oasis is a project of JCI Manila for the benefit of the children in Smokey Mountain.  Funds raised will be used to build a playground for kids who have grown accustomed to playing in garbage dump sites instead of swings and slides.  Now, the Wine and Cheese event is an added push to come up with more pledges to further push the project along.  That night, there was a challenge posed to all the guests to raise php200,000.00 worth of pledges --- and so they did.

Apart from reaching the pledge target, highlights of my night include eavesdropping at the wine workshop (sadly, had to walk in and out of the room for hosting duties) and drinking a glass or two from time to time, snacking on cheese at the sampling table and last but certainly not least, having the Smokey Mountain Choir perform (the songs were chillingly awesome and deserved more than the php200k amount being raised).

Now, its been quite an obvious fact that I've always been at my giddiest when I'm onstage hosting or performing but I feel that its a double high when you know that just by "talking" you are helping make good things happen for other people.  That said, a big thank you to the team for having me at the event and I wish nothing but success for this project. 

To you, dear reader, if you wish to support this cause and would like to donate to the project, please do not hesitate to leave me a message so I can send you details the soonest.


P.S. Hosting duties had me on the move so I couldn't really take a good photo of last night's look.  I did get some shots of my shoes and my earrings though so that's probably that for now. 

Dress  :  TOPSHOP
Chunky heels  :  FOREVER XXI
Clutch in Purple  :  ALDO
Lion Earrings  :  MANGO
Rings  :  H&M

Easy fave
My best friend, Kwey, with her boyfie, EJ
A tinge of jealousy with not attending workshops. Boo!
Awesome performances from the Smokey Mountain Choir
The playground on-site photos on display
With my ladies, Kwey and Denise
See our personalities with our nails

Current fave statement piece

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