Thursday, June 2, 2011


What a beautiful surprise!!!  From who? My lips are sealed!

These days, I feel more like a juggler with all the work on my plate.  Don't get me wrong though, its been incredibly exhilarating but at the end of the day, I just end up real tired and kind of crave for a little laid back time with pretty much nothing planned! (As if but maybe just half of the daily dose of work would be perfect!)

Well, a fairy godmother must have heard my wish and granted me a free pass day!  Surprisingly, my checklist that day wasn't as plenty and I had time to spend the day with my mom and my siblings! (I'm quite the self-confessed family girl you know...).

PLUS, I got a call from a courier to pick up a package sent over and to my surprise, lo and behold, a new bag!!! Can not wait to use it and of course, take care of it after.  I mean, whats a good bag if its life span's only as good as a few months, right?

Now, I think that for all the multi-taskers out there, while we enjoy our full on busy schedules, its as important to make time to just lean back, have fun and go out for some random activity or two!


P.S.  Wasn't able to take photos of my siblings, BEYA and BENJO, coz they were feeling camera shy!  Next time, I'll do a feat on my family instead.

Peacock Boho Dress  :  HK 2010 Trip
Ribbon Sandals  :  ZARA
Ella Patent Trim Canvas Tote in Green  :  TORY BURCH
Necklace  :  FOREVER XXI
Ring  :  HK 2010 Trip

What I wore for the day.  More outfit shots at the end of the post.
This was lunch at AMICI! YUMMY right? Posting this now makes me hungrier... Hmmm...
Just seated for lunch with my new bag BFF!
Like a kid come Christmas morning...
An uber happy me with my new bag, pasta and well... GELATO!
Time for Outfit Check!

Slowly perfecting the fishbraid

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  1. gorgeous!! lovely dress and sandals!! i'm hungry now after your food photos!!:P


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