Friday, August 12, 2011

Of Bridal Fairs, A Glam Camp Plus A Movie! AND Finally, an Outfit Post.

Last Saturday, spent the day with my girlfriends, 2 of whom is getting married (KWEY and BIANCA --- click on their names for their engagement stories! So cute!), at the Weddings & Beyond Bridal Fair at NBC Tent.  There were so many people who attended so it was a squeeze-thru at the aisles but as I was the official partner of Bianca (her fiance, Yan Yan, is in Canada), I was picking up fliers she could sort through later! 

While it was fun checking out the current wedding trends, I felt a little ostracized cause I had an ID screaming "Guest" on it which probably made some booths think, "Oh she's not a client so... next bride please!"  BUT while I might not be a bride now, I will be eventually so they might have missed out on plenty of potential clients aka "Guests" at the event! Right?  Well, just saying!

Right after, dropped by GLAM CAMP hosted by ETC, 2nd Avenue and Diva Universal.  The venue was really nice (first timer!) and got to do just a tad bit of shopping but no worries cause I went away with this really chic goodie bag which had all sorts of happy in them!  Thanks and congratulations you guys!  

OH and capped off the day with a movie and finally saw "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank".  Haven't gotten around to wording my thoughts about it but for now, I'd give it a 2-thumbs up rating!  And kudos to my theater friends, Meann and Cheeno, who were part of the film.  Great, great job!  Now, I kinda miss theatre... *sniff*  Are there any auditions lurking around?

Hope your Saturday was as casual busy!


P.S.  Finally, an outfit post!  Pictures taken by JQ at the Glam Camp event!

Pullover  :  TOPSHOP
White Button-down  :  LUCKY BRAND
Shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Shoes  :  TOPSHOP
Accessories  :  Vintage
Bag  :  WHITE CALF  (Coming Soon!)

Finally an Outfit Post after about a month of being MIA!   If you like this look, please vote on CHICTOPIA

I have a Couple Watch thing going on with my sister BEYA!  My current fave<3

LIKE THIS BAG?  Post A Comment on this POST with your email address for details! :D

It was so windy out, getting the hair out of my face and TADA! What a pout, right? Fail!  HAHA

See, I told you the bag was pretty!

And I'm off with it to the movies! 

Spot the "discrimination" HAHAHA

At the Bridal Fair with Bianca and LJ

All those fliers...??? Get married naaaa!!!!

Dress Code for the Brides  :  MAXI Dress

Dress Code for Us, Friends  :  The Shorter, The Better!  :D

My bestbud, KWEY, and her bestbud/fiance EJ... our love triangle!  To form our love square, paging, DENISE

The bride has found her ride!  EJ, make it happen! :P

Just sorting through fliers and grabbing snacks

Next Stop  :  GLAM CAMP!  Loved the festive atmosphere!

Hi Ms. Mella :D


  1. Ay too bad tapos na Glam Camp. Would have wanted to go :( Haha

  2. Hi Mich! I actually found out about the event a few days prior lang! :D BUT the -ber months are coming so there'll be plenty of bazaars around the metro noh?

  3. Yes! that's true! :D Can't wait :D

  4. You have a nice blog concept here. I'll share this with my cousins.


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