Thursday, August 4, 2011

Travel Bug : SG Day Two Like There's No Tomorrow

If Day One was tiring, I have no idea where we got energy for all the things we did come Day Two!  PLUS, pardon and bear with all these posted pictures cause really there was just so many things to see and now, see again.

This day we were off to:
1.  Chinatown (had some yummy Bee Chieng too!)
2.  Red Dot Design Museum was a MUST but alas! Closed for renovations... oops! Sorry JQ, we tried...
3.  Richard Rogers + Architects : From the House to the City Exhibition at the URA Centre
4.  Purse Prime + Loving Your Bags Meeting --- GAH! NO PHOTOS!!! Total Fail! (Next time? :D)
5.  The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands with my cousin AIKA who just recently got Singapore-based! FUN
6.  The Helix Bridge, peeking at the event at the Sinagpore National Day 2011 Parade Dress Rehearsal
7.  Midnight dinner feasting on Chili Crabs at the Newton Hawker Centre, Singapore

Hectic day?  YES.  Super fun?  UBER!


Late Post  :  JULY 16, 2011

On our way to Chinatown, this caught my eye!  I'm quite the self-confessed martial arts fanatic... teehee

KWEY's proudest moment!  AND really, this IS the closest she could ever get to interacting with winged creatures

Cheery just riding the escalator! HAHA

Chinatown!!!  Just like Binondo? :D

Awesome childhood memory!  I remember borrowing every Tin Tin  comic book from the library... Plus, the Berenstain Bears, remember those? 

Somehow, JQ looks right at home, eh? Heehee :D

Personalized Stamps!  Would've gotten mine done if only I had a Chinese name... AND an hour to spare to wait!

The RED DOT DESIGN MUSEUM...  BUT we only saw the outside!  OH WELL... Come back again, right?

An Art Installation piece with a shallow plastic case that acts both as a swing seat  and a pot!  COOL, right?

While we didn't see exhibits, we did get to check out cool stuff at the museum shop and saw these cute bags on display!  Crushing on that neon pink bag. 

Now that's what you call trash collecting!  Artsy style...

Girl Power!

Some faves at the Richard Rogers + Architecture Exhibit...

If we could, and if our baggage allowance would allow, we would have brought this neon piece home!

KWEY's skirt on a camouflage...

Neon Neon Neon! Like Like Like

With my cousin, AIKA, on a bus to Marina Bay...

Tourist much?!?  Tamuuuh!  Just stepped into The Shoppes

During our mall stroll, we had conversations with our "other bestfriends"...  Shout out to Chanel, Balenciaga, LV, Miu Miu, Hermes!  Lets hang soon :D

I love how even the lights are so pretty!

Especially for my sister, BEYA  <3 

Found out too late and we weren't able to buy tickets :((

PHILIPPINES Represent!  Checked it out and food is served by Dencio's

The Art Science Museum  (Fast Fact :  Rain water is harvested and channeled down the center of the building into a reflecting pond at the lowest level of the building.  Rainwater is recycled for use in the building's restrooms.)

Photos by the bay

While standing at the Helix Bridge, caught the Full Dress Rehearsal of the Singapore National Day Parade 2011

By The Helix Bridge

After waiting for the bus for a good 30 minutes ++, ended up walking to the nearest MRT station... group shot!

The 3 of us fell in love over and over again with the Singapore AD Campaigns  :D  We can do as well too! 

Looks excited for Chili Crabs... FOR SURE!

While most are asleep, WE FEAST!  BUT in fairness, so many people as hungry as we are!

Day Two, signing off, sealed with yummy goodness. 
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