Monday, August 22, 2011

Must Watch : Ateneo BlueRepertory's LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

For some time now, with everything else happening, seems I've forgotten the thrill of performing.  Didn't realize just how much I missed it until last Friday, right after watching Ateneo Blue Repertory's Little Shop of Horrors.  Directed by my happy good friend, Toff De Venecia (Director of blueRep's All Shook Up and Freakshow), Little Shop of Horrors is Blue Rep's 20th season premier production.

Still reeling from the thrill of the show experience, I'm inviting everyone (note that its more like, highly encouraging everyone!)to catch the show which runs only until this weekend!!! (August 27 to be exact!)  Don't be shy and contact Mica Fajardo at +63 917 890 8795 for ticket inquires and reservations!  Might I suggest doing that now? :D

AND, to know more about the production, cast and crew, visit their FB Page :

Took the liberty of copying an excerpt from their page!
In the old days, it was all about selling your soul to the devil for fame and fortune. But ever heard of selling it to an evil, man-eating Venus Flytrap from outer space?
With all the pressures in a fast-paced world obsessed with money and beauty, it isn’t hard to imagine that anyone would do absolutely anything to fulfill their dreams – whether through hard work or Faustian deals. But with the allure of earning fast bucks and becoming overnight sensations, shady businesses have become a lot more common.
Even the honest-to-goodness nice guys aren’t immune to this kind of temptation, and Seymour Krelborn is one of them. He is the protagonist of Little Shop of Horrors, a black comedy musical satirizing old-school sci-fi movies and one of the longest running Off-Broadway shows of all time.With book and lyrics by Howard Ashman and music by Alan Menken, Little Shop of Horrors is the story of a miserable fellow named Seymour Krelborn, played by Luis Marcelo (Buddy in blueREP’s Freakshow), and his yearning for a better life and a chance at romance with Audrey, the love of his life, played by Maronne Cruz (Woman 2 in blueREP’s Edges, Scaramouche in blueREP’s Rock ‘N Rule). However, after being influenced by a devious plant, brought to life by Tina Ramos (Dionne in blueREP’s Hair, Woman 2 in blueREP’s Edges, Killer Queen in blueREP’s Rock ‘N Rule), Seymour must now choose between what is right and wrong, all for the sake of a little fame, money and glory.
CHEERS to Blue Rep!  Love it!

P.S.  As a BlueRep Alumni, I was just so very proud of how far my college org has gone and just how much passion the stage has that's there for everybody to soak in!  Makes me think if I could ever get back to doing auditions again...?!?  AAAH!  Getting jittery at the thought but... who knows, right? Well... lets just see!

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