Monday, August 8, 2011

Pre-HOST POST : Nivea + Mango Outfit POLL. Special Prize Up for Grabs!


Just about a month ago, I was already slated to host an event for NIVEA + MANGO and from the get-go, the event is a treat for every fashion gal!  GLAM EXPRESS : A Bloggers Event invites fashionistas to "express your style and flaunt your beautiful, hydrated skin."  The event will bring together the industry's top fashion and beauty bloggers as they experience first-hand NIVEA's Express Hydration Body Lotion - a product that's a sure must-have for every fashion gal - and be the first to try out the Glam Board Express Facebook Application.  On top of that, they also get to bring home fabulous gifts courtesy of NIVEA and MANGO.

Now, I don't want to give too much away since it won't be long til the event so while waiting can be cruel, you can bet that these treats will be worth your wait!  And while I am quite the self-confessed lotion freak, I'm right along with you guys, getting thrilled to be part of the project and the product's big reveal.

So last Thursday, after a meeting and a hurried lunch, I was off to Rockwell for my MANGO outfit pullout.  With their resident stylist out of town, I put my styling skills to the test to come up with an outfit that expresses my style and of course, flaunts my hydrated skin!  I also tried to work with the colors blue, white and silver (NIVEA's colors of course!) to keep with the theme!

AND here's the exciting part... An OUTFIT POLL!  Here are 3 possible outfits for the event and I'd really appreciate your help in choosing which one you think is best!

There's more... A SPECIAL PRIZE courtesy of NIVEA and/or MANGO will be given to the lucky voter/commenter on this post!  The winner will be announced by the end of the week!

To keep things organized, here's the suggested VOTE / COMMENT FORMAT:

     LOOK NO.1 - coz I like white!

A big THANK YOU in advance to everyone who will take time off their sched to leave a comment or two.

Come Thursday, the chosen outfit will make its official debut at the event!



I was going for sophisticated chic meets a lil' bit of grunge.  I especially loved the lace top and the shorts cause they give the outfit texture and character.  
While the event is wanting of skin, I didn't want to over kill it, sans the blazer!
Plus, white feels so right, don't you think?  


Color blocking is quite the trend these days and if you don't want to mix and match, a dress that does the job is always a treat!  You just have to remember to not over accessorize cause you might kill the outfit as a whole.  Moderation is key!


This for me is the most laid back outfit of the bunch.  When it comes to dressing up, sometimes its the simpler looks that just come off effortless.  
Remember, true style isn't always trendy!

BTS  :  MNG Dressing Room

Advance thank you to MANGO for my outfit!

Onto my old tricks again... mirror shots

Went through a couple of outfits BEYA and I picked out


  1. Jannina Castillo,
    Look 1 - I love wearing shorts and I'm loving the accessories for this look ;)

  2. Joanna Morden,
    Look 1 - I like the lace and the ribbon belt :)

    Super Femme

  3. Karen V. Ostil,
    Look 3 - I like the white on blue combination. I like how the white blazer pulls together a seemingly laid back look. As a host, you have to stand out but not to the point that you distract the audience from what's really happening onstage; the white blazer gives the perfect touch for that effect.

  4. Vany Necor,
    Look 1 - i personally like look 3, but for you, look 1 is just so fresh, chic and classy. plus the lace just so complements the theme "express your style and flaunt your beautiful, hydrated skin". inside out! :D

  5. LJ Pinon,
    LOOK NO.1

    I'm absolutely loving Look #1! It's tricky to wear white lace but you made it look chic and effortless.

    I love how you layered it with a blazer and chunky accessories- to toughen the look, yet maintaining a hint of sexiness! The belt also adds to the romantic feel of the outfit.

    You're rocking this look, LA! This is definitely the perfect outfit to express your style.

  6. Ann Lorio,

    Look 1 - coz i think this style is so you :)

  7. Hey L.A.,

    Have you thought about mix-matching look 1 with look 3? I think the top and blazer from look 1 with the back shorts from look 3 would go well (also with the boots), and maybe have more colorful accessories instead (or if mango has blue shorts, it might also match the top and blazer and give a pop of color already).:) And i imagine that your lace top would also go well if your hair was waved or loosely/sexily curled.:)

    Good luck!
    (PS: Not joining the giveaway, just commenting.:D)


  8. ^...would go well *with* your hair waved...

    Grammar, sorry.

  9. Yas Sanchez,

    Definitely Look #1! :) White goes well with your nice, tan skin and I love the fabric combination... lace makes the whole piece stylish/sexy! ;)

  10. RJ,

    i cant decide! but for now, ill go for look #1.

  11. Ojie,

    Look #1... You can never go wrong with white lace!

  12. Number 1! :) See you at the event! :)


    Number 1! Clean and classy! :)

  14. Kwey,kwey.landan[at]

    Look #1: hype. hype. hype on this look! It's like super model on a day off in paris look!! :)

  15. Pam Medina

    Look #1 -It suits you the most!

  16. Ana Gloda

    Look 1: White and lace is a good combination. So neat and classy :)

  17. Joan Macawili - kitten.macawili(at)gmail(dot)com

    Voting for Look #3. I'd have to agree that the chill pill look actually works, effortless but still stylish. The colors are also perfect for the launch. White and Blue reminds me of Nivea, and the white jacket reminds me of Kate Moss in her video with Terry Richardson for MANGO's FW 2011 collection.

    I hope you wear that look. :)

  18. jamie-

    no.3.. gotta go no. 3 since it looks chic without trying to hard. I love ribbon design as well. :)

  19. angel -
    look no.3, its better than wearing all white..simple yet stylish.i love the blouse with ribbon.

  20. Jasmin Geda,
    LOOK NO.1 - White lace is a really romantic trend of the season, but you can absolutely wear it without having to hold a bouquet. Layering lace with a blazer and chunky accessories is a great way to break away from the prettiness of the trend. Adding brown belt toughens it with a hint of sexiness, and a lace top looks glamorous with a white short – Nice mix match you're pretty cool indeed with this elegant look.

  21. Hi LA!

    Twas so nice meeting you a while ago! Really loved that you get to pick that look. ;-) Hope you see u again soon. x

  22. Brooke Shields Moldez,
    Look no. 2- The look evidently shows how healthy and hydrated your skin is. This dress also boasts of its versatility as it can be worn during the day with blazers and with metallic accessories by night for parties and other events. This outfit expresses complexity and simplicity at the same time. It is also a one package look that doesn't require much time to be worn by busy Filipinas. That's all. c:

  23. Girlie Camungay,
    LOOK 2, because it looks elegant and chic, it suits your body type and you look so fabulous in it:)

  24. Juliet Pegad,

    LOOK 2.... nice look hot princess!!

  25. Tina Elaine Resuello,
    LOOK NO.1 - White lace is truly seductive. It gives you that nice feeling that you're not being too showy but still you look sexy. :)

  26. Hey Guys! :D

    This is just awesome! Thank you so so much for your votes and great styling tips to boot too! NIVEA + MANGO is set to pick a winner by this weekend and I should have it announced by Monday!

    The outfit's BIG REVEAL should be up by then as well!

    PLUS, I'm excited for the lucky winner cause they gave away such awesome goodies at the event! Till the next post and announcements...


  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Hi LA it was nice meeting you at the event! I love your outfit!

  29. Monette Nama, huggie0109(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I go for look #2 because I've always been a fan of color blocking.. it makes me feel sexy and brings out the curves on my body =)

  30. Jermae Lucas

    i dig number 3!
    i always believe that dressing in comfy is fashion that won't go out of date!


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