Monday, August 8, 2011

Travel Bug : SG Day Three Art Spree

Hits you right there, doesn't it?


This can definitely make me happy too!!!

Got sidetracked a bit with some daily bits I couldn't delay BUT I'm now back to them SG posts!  Day Three, right this way...

So on this day the trio split up!  Well since KWEY wanted to go all solo and explore the city on her own, JQ and I went to do one of our top travel faves : MUSEUMS!  Well, in this case, ONE museum - The Artscience Museum.

We really set it for the afternoon since they had Dali and Van Gogh on display!  Maybe its just me but every time I remember Van Gogh, I get a little down cause his life story is quite the tragedy and yet his talent was just brilliant.  Alas, must be a genius' trend that he was way ahead of his time.  Curious?  You can read more about Van Gogh on a site I found which proves to be quite informative, so just click on HERE!  OH and I wasn't able to get photos of Van Gogh's exhibition (well apart from not being allowed to...) cause it involved a whole lot of technology ranging from lights to projectors to huge walls and music!  Suffice to say, while it was about the artist and his works, its also a lot about the production and the overall experience.

As for Dali, it felt a lot like being in Alice in Wonderland's shoes!  It was an absolutely new world walking through the exhibit with plenty of metaphors and symbols set in his art.  Its like he was looking at everyday things and just saw them differently --- well, way way way different!  You'll see his works as you go through the post.  If you're not too familiar with THE Salvador Dali, there's more on this PAGE!

If you happen to be in Singapore from now until October, you should definitely head over to the museum and check these exhibits out!  For the full schedule details, you can check out the Artscience Museum site, HERE.

The day's highlights had us at:
1.  Shopping along Orchard Road
2.  Lunch at Rasapura, The Shoppes
3.  Artscience Museum --- A good 3 hours of Dali and Van Gogh!
4.  Bugis Market + Bugis Junction


P.S.  One SG Day to go...

Late Post  :  JULY 17, 2011

While shopping along Orchard Road, this catches JQ's eye... well, JQ likes architecture... among many things! :D

Still hung up on Harry Potter!  Good thing we saw it right before flying out to SG!  

Back at The Shoppes and amused with these boats ala Venice

A crowd was forming by the Adidas shop!   The Liverpool Football Club  were at a sponsored event  and was on day seven of their Pre-Season Asia Tour 

Still hung up on eating authentic Indian food, in fairness, this was pretty good ... and plenty too!

Got enough energy to take on the museum... GO GO GO!

I'm still not sure if those are paper scorpions or... I dunno!

On the 4th floor, its a history of the Artscience Museum...

Dali : Mind of a Genius Exhibition starts here...

Shouldn't be a surprise that his signature looks awesome, right?

Homage To Fashion (read below)

Moses and Monotheism

Leda Armchair

Vis-a-vis Sofa  :  Instantly fell in love with this piece!

If someone blew you a kiss this big, lets hope you can handle it! :D

Flower of Evil

THE Salvador Dali and his signature mustache

These pendants are a whole lot of something!  LIKE!


Dali's melted clocks were in key areas of the exhibit and this was aptly placed right at the end!


I've always wanted longer and thinner legs... for a few seconds, wish granted!

Goofing off by the mirrors teehee

Wasn't really amused but JQ was!

Done with Dali and off to see Van Gogh's Exhibition at the museum's basement

Sadly, this is was the only photo I took! 

Found this online!  Sneak peak of the Van Gogh Exhibit experience... Spectacular!   Source  :

Another photo for BEYA, our family's masterchef!

Milk Tea time at Gong Cha

Must be nice to study here!  SOTA (School of the Arts)

Plus, this art installation was by the steps

Last pic of the day!  Bugis Market and Bugis Junction for the rest of the afternoon.  Was too tired... Plus, shopping pictures are kinda same same! :D
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