Saturday, August 27, 2011

You're A Winner! Finally, the NIVEA + MANGO Outfit Poll Chosen Entry

First off, a big thank you to everyone who took time and voted via the NIVEA + MANGO Outfit Poll last August 8!  Nivea and Mango enjoyed reading your votes and while we had hoped that a winner could be announced over the weekend after the event but seems they had a hard time picking one out!

BUT finally, they have declared a lucky winner who gets to bring home some awesome goodies courtesy of Nivea!  Took the liberty of taking a screencap of our winner's entry and here it is!


Congratulations JAS!  Thanks for your styling insights too and I'm quite addicted to the lace trend too so luckily that look won the poll!  I'll be corresponding with you via email so I can send your goodie bag by next week!  Enjoy those skin treats!

Til' the next one!


P.S.  Time to check out NIVEA's Glamboard Express Facebook Application! :D

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