Sunday, August 28, 2011

Host Post : Happy 3rd Anniversary ADORA!

Honored to be invited back by ADORA's Ma'am MTP and Sir ETP a second time!
Reading through and getting the details right! :P
LIKE this look HERE <3


The ADORA SHINDIG, an event that was booked 4 months in advance, was done one Tuesday afternoon (August 16, 2011) and what a celebration it was!  

At 8AM (and with an overwhelmed me), The Gallery at Greenbelt 5 was already wide awake with excitement as the Adora Family readied themselves for their Cheer & Dance Competition segment.  With a total of 6 teams, we had: WEED (Adora-Balls), AMETHYST (Adora-Belles), NOBLE GOLD (Jurassic Sparks), COBALT (Charge to Recipients), ALUMINUM (Charles' Angels) and BLOOD (Dominatrix) vying for the the ultimate winner to be announced by the end of the event. 

Plus, there was the much awaited awarding ceremony which recognized the hardworking men and women that make Adora.  While some may not think much of getting praised for their work, its always a nice feeling to know that the company that you work for appreciates you nonetheless. 

Also, a day before the shindig, Adora had its first ever Amazing Race which kicked off in Adora Pasig Office to the Stella Luna store in Shangri-La Mall and ended at Adora Greenbelt 5.  The race was wicked cool with cameras following the different teams and with challenges that got tensed and nerved with excitement.

I have to say though, I especially enjoyed checking out the DIY outfits of the Adora staff which were just too adorable.  It always amazes me what a pair of scissors, safety pins, ribbon and the magical double sided tape can do to one plain shirt.  

Having hosted an event with them last year, it was heartwarming to hear that they were hoping to have me host another event for them.  Many thanks to Ma'am MTP, Sir ETP, Ma'am TYB, Ma'am RRT and to the ADORA Family for their energy and cheers. 

Hugs and kisses to my Mami Tisha Rosales and Ken and Ms. Pia and Tito Joff for another very successful event!  I mean, who says work and play can't come together right?

So excited for the next one!  Dare I say, Adora's 4th Anniversary? 


P.S. I found time for an Outfit Post all thanks to KEN! YAY  Plus, I finally got to wear my JC's and was carrying my MK Bucket Bag

Sheer Top  :  WHITE CALF
Scalloped Waist Shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Bucket Bag  :  MICHAEL KORS
Earrings  :  TOPSHOP
Gold Bangle  :  TOPSHOP
Gold Watch  :  CASIO

This was breakfast!  Thanks to my sister BEYA and her bff IYA

The stage that held some energetic performances! 
A lit up stage?!? MUST HAVE at a party, right?

ADORA Family!

Goofing around with KEN

KEN and Tito JOFF

Backstage, sidestage... Same same!

I feel like I'm glowing!

My JC's are just magical! No pain, All gain!

Photo-op with Sir ETP

Zoning out and zooming in

I'm bringing sexy back... Well a little! HA

My "Attack Ken" Face!

I was being attacked by a spot! :((

Had to take a solo pic with THE Sir ETP! His speech/performance was awesome

On the Job

And that's a wrap!

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