Monday, August 8, 2011

Travel Bug : SG Day Four Amazing Race

Finally!  The last and final post for SG 2011!  With JQ flying back to Manila a day earlier, KWEY and I spent the day doing our last minute shopping and just chilling in the city.  Shopping felt a lot like an amazing race as we probably hit about 6 malls along Orchard in a span of just 4 hours!  Crazy.  Strange though cause we were so bent on going shoe shopping at Charles & Keith and went to about 5 outlets and didn't even get to buy a single thing!  OH and so cute how we both got street cast for A&F! Who would've thought right!  Singapore just gives us so many reasons to keep coming back... or maybe even stay? :D

PLUS, my hunt for the ultimate kabuki brush was in vain :((  From Sephora to Sasa to Body Shop, SG... I couldn't find one that hit close to Kwey's uber nice kabuki brush!  (Speaking of which, anyone know where I can get a fluffy kabuki brush here in MNL? Many thanks in advance!)

We also got to lunch at MOS Burger and checked that off our list and dined fast food style at KFC (its really not the same without the gravy!!!)  Got a bit nostalgic when we remembered our first OTC (Out of The Country) trip with our girlfriends, LJ and ISA  (Bangkok was that perfect mash up of shopping, dining and clubbing all rolled in!)

Having rested, Kwey wanted to greet the Merlion properly so we hung out by the Merlion till midnight just in time to pick up our luggage from the hotel, board the plane and back home safe!  WHEW

Great trip, great company... now to the next destination! Wonder where that'll be...


P.S.  Now, I can get back to them daily posts!

Late Post  :  JULY 18, 2011

LUNCH! All yummy goodness

KWEY's addiction... chili sauce

Abercrombie & Fitch : Coming Soon.  KWEY too happy... about A&F or the model??? 


H&M Opening Soon too!  Oh my wallet!

As we were walking towards the Merlion

And here we are!  Funny story :   We got to the Merlion and the water was still on, decided to chill and chat for about a good 1 1/2 hour and just when Kwey was ready to take her photos by the Merlion, the water shuts off!!!  To think, I just told her it couldn't possibly stop since its all iconic... Looks like even the Merlion needs to rest! HAHAH 

Was people watching and this guy's smolder was just 500% of the normal kind!  Too bad the photo doesn't do his look justice... Ohwell!

What to do with the water-less Merlion... :D

On one of our walks out, saw a party bus and an on-going shoot!  TSK!  Kwey and I were not dressed enough to camouflage our way in! HA

And we bid Singapore, good night! :D

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