Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shop Stop: Bloggers United with the MEG Mag Team

As if my blog posts haven't been delayed enough BUT since this event's already this weekend, must post this up first!

SOOO, as the poster says, do drop by Bloggers United 2 and shop from your favorite bloggers closets!  PLUS, the MEG Magazine Team will set up booth so it doubles as a meet and greet with the MEG editorial team!

Actually, if you wanna stay connected with the happy MEG gang, follow us via twitter!

Meg Magazine Official  :  @megmagazine
Bianca G  (Editor-At-Large)  :  @iamsuperbianca
Grace  (Associate Ed.)  :  @gracelibero
Klara  (Associate Ed.)  :  itsklarawithak
Ning  (Beauty Ed.)  :  @ninghil
L.A.  (Fashion Asst.)  :  @laferriols
Zanti  (Graphic Designer)  :  @zantiwanti
Ekai  (Editorial Coordinator)  :  @itsdeardenise
Leah  (Beauty Asst.)  :  @leahyosalina
Elisa  (Intern)  :  @kissmybleep
Hannah  (Fashion Intern)  :  @melbuhannah
Lala  (Intern)  :  @itssolala

Hope to see you guys this Saturday!


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