Thursday, October 20, 2011


... An Apology!

Well, that is if she were human and I hurt her feelings... BUT, nonetheless, I feel sorry for not being able to update much since there's been quite a number of things that I've been busy with and there was just never a good enough time to just sit down and write (like now!).

Anyways, to give a sneak about my life's focus now, I'm happy to share with the world and everything and everyone else in it, that I am now MEG Magazine's Fashion Assistant!  To all of the loyal MEG readers, I hope you can look forward to our coming issues and get your much needed monthly dose of fun, frills and fashion.

PLUS, if you want to keep posted on the latest about MEG, fashion and what not, just follow me on twitter! Its @laferriols :)

This coming week is already Philippine Fashion Week and tom is going to be quite a full day! I hope to be able to blog soon by the weekend so wish me more energy and sleep, eh?

Rendezvous back here soon!


Just reminding ya'll to get your copy of MEG Magazine's October 2011 issue!

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