Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stylist Duty + Outfit Post

With my handy dandy wrist cushion made especially for me by my Mom! <3
Was on stylist duty last August 25!  For who, what and the awesome details, that will have to wait until the big reveal.  Here's a peek at the behind-the-shoot (BTS) happenings though and of course, an outfit post! Finally, right?

Thanks to Krisee, Nasia, THE Borge Aloba, Ryan, Denise and Lyca for an awesome day!  Didn't even notice time go by!  Till the next one...


Scalloped Shorts  :  TOPSHOP
Gemma Satchel in Navy Blue  :  WHITE CALF
Peacock Earrings  :  TOPSHOP
Gold Watch  :  CASIO

Like this look HERE

NASIA getting her hair cut by THE Borge Aloba!!! Intense

Snaps for Vintage finds

Look MA! I can iron clothes!

DENISE in demand!

Ala "council meeting" from "The Lord of the Rings", right?

Inching closer to the set... teehee

What we do during break time...

Just when you though you could have too much make up... NOT!!!

eh... philosophizing?!? HA!

Didn't miss out on snapping a pic

Errr... I'm not sure what this is about!!! HA

And were packed and ready to go! Toodles


  1. lovely photos, la! can't wait for the finished product! :)

  2. Me too Nasche! Initially I was tempted to just post everything up hahah BUT... patience is a virtue! So when's our next stint? :)

  3. Winner ang peacock earrings! Bonggels na bonggels, lovett dearie! x

  4. HAHAH Roanne! Funny mo! :) And yes, the grand prize goes to them peacock earrings! Lets get to that coffee date already!


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