Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Travel Bug : I AM SO OUTDOORSY TOO! Ya know?

Got this post on draft! PFFT!  Quite late and apologies for that!

ALL for ONE... in laughter and sheer terror! GAH!

Coming from the beach, I was ready to explore what I could in the city!  I'm a self-confessed city girl and I've always liked it that way.

While, we did hit the malls and checked out the restos, my friend SAM had a very unique request from the group and that was to check out some thrill-seekers activity at Sky Experience Adventure.  Now, the name in itself does not hide hints like heights and maybe some nerve wracking gravity activity and I was trying my best to prepare myself for just ONE thrill ride or whatever just so I don't come off as a drag!

Coming into the hotel, I still had no idea what to expect entirely until we got to check out the ticket booth.  Now, out of all us girls, there are ONLY 2, save for maybe 3, of us who really go out of our way to get "sporty" and that's ISA, SAM and i guess, FRANCES (while she's in Canada!) oh and i guess BIANCA who goes diving... so 4!  The rest of us opt for, well, cheering instead so going into extreme sports or activities really take a lot out of us... So while I was only ready for ONE thrill trip... I ended up with THREE!!!  Turns out, its a group thing! Who knew?!

From the 6 of us (except KWEY, who tried it before...), we had 2 couples and me and SAM.  In order of activity (and I guess, degree of difficulty...), we did the Edge Coaster first, then the Skywalk Extreme and lastly, the Sky Lift.  To be honest, I never thought I would pay to scare myself like that BUT I am proud of myself for going through with it!  Even if I wasn't the most composed human being that time, I didn't faint on the post, or worse... chicken out last minute!  I have to say though that I probably would not have done this if my friends weren't supporting me the whole time... literally!  Their words of encouragement were tons of help for me to just suck it up and do it!  And of course, the zipline instructor's magic words to make me do a spiderman or reverse position, "maganda yan sa picture!" (in English, "that would look pretty in photos") was a bonus too! HA!

Now, would I recommend this to a not-so adventurous friend?  HELL YEAH!

Bold of me to say this but, skydiving, anyone?

If you're ever in Cebu and you're into these kinda things... Just check out the Sky Experience Adventure site for more details ---


P.S. From all the freaking out... no outfit post! HA!

LJ  /  KWEY  /  SAM  /  me  /  BIANCA
Cebu at dusk... Quite romantic!  (c) Sam

All the SINGLY ladies (for the trip that is!)  (c) LJ
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