Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Certified MIA...

Well that could describe my blogging habits for July! PFFT

I have to say though that my schedule has just been a tad bit explosive for the month and while I didn't want to write down gibberish (for your sake and my sanity...), I opted to bow out blogging for awhile and collect my self... err... well my thoughts!

Now, I'M BACK!!!  There's quite a handful of back log entries that I hope I can post soonest!


P.S. Sneak peak into this month's highlights...

OH I LOVE YOU JULY 13!!!   Just when I thought those movie premiere tickets were gone... TA DA!  Do i love amazing ETC or what?  P.S.  Just had to host the teeny tiny program before the showing :)

Caught the Great S*******e Sale!!!  Who says you can't ever mix business and pleasure? :)  GREAT NEWS for PURSE PRIME FRIENDS!!!

Great minds over some cute lil' cups of coffee... My baby project launches this August!

Its raining... NOT men! hahah :P  I hope everyone's keeping dry!
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